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What is Wikihowto?
Wikihowto is a new wiki-style site offering open and free know-how, do it yourself guides, independent solutions and tutorials in a diverse range of subjects and languages. The site started in January 2005 and aims to become a Wikimedia Foundation project. For more information about the project, read the public proposal.

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<center>Wikihowto, WikiHowTo, Wikisolutions and Howto wiki have been used to refer to this project since 2005. If there is a project with similar goals, please tell us: we love to cooperate.

Read the proposal and join us on the discussion page.
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  • Make new How tos or Guides for pages that don't exist but are Wanted, or redirect the page if it already exists
  • Check that the links to Wikipedia on Object Pages are valid pages and go to the appropriate article

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Special recognition

Nature (edit)
Dealing with natural resources and phenomena, including application of all kinds of laws of nature.

Culture (edit)
Dealing with relatively simple man-made environment, including all kinds of tools.

People (edit)
Dealing with individuals and organizations.

Constructions (edit)
Dealing with building/creating/constructing, and maintenance/configuring/editing.

Wikihowto and the rest

Time line:
  • 2009, Aug: Wikihowto breaks 400 howtos
  • 2007, April 29th: Wikihowto is available in 5 languages
  • 2006, June 15th: Number of page edits breaks 10000. Number of total articles breaks 1300.
  • 2006, Mai 2nd: Cooperation with other web sites is included as an important element. Ease of use and promotion is a problem to be discussed.
  • 2006, April 8th: First page is improved to be closer to the Wikimedia standards of quality and name changes to Wikihowto.
  • 2006, March 4th: Number of Objects break 250.
  • 2006, Feb 26th: Number of total articles breaks 500. Number of Howtos breaks 100.
  • 2006, Jan 28th: New proposal for a universal howto site, called WikiHowTo, joining all three howto sites with new guidelines
  • 2006, Jan 28th: New proposal for a universal howto site, called WikiHowTo, joining all three howto sites with new guidelines
  • 2006, Jan 9th: original WikiHowTo ([1])was created on meta/mediawiki by ZyMOS
  • 2006, Jan 2th: More than 500 pages and the original HowTo resurrected: a mixing of ideas begin slowly
  • 2005, Sept 1th: Wikisolutions take over the old HowTo, and change the name to Howto
  • 2005, May 8th: Wikibooks Wikisolutions ([2])was created by moa3333
  • 2005, Jan 22nd: Wikia HowTo Wiki ([3]) was created by Inyuki

Wikihowto currently has four other languages. If you want it in your language, contact us.
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