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Know in your heart that the devic kingdom around you would like help with, smelling the roses, giving a bee a drink and honey, talking to your plants, pets, and trees, and putting insects and pets outside when they need to go. Enjoy the company of all beings around you as you are part of their family, and they are looking forward to knowing about you, and what fun you might all have.


Finding a quiet, comfortable space, outside in a loved natural spot, or with your favourite pet, plant, or home focus on your heart and breath in and out of it. Feel the love of your heart connecting with all that is near you. Breathe as you connect as far as your awareness will encompass, as far as the whole planet, Mother Earth, and more. Feel you heart stay present while you breathe out. Breathe in and out in a connected rhythm in which the outbreath starts as the inbreath completes and the inbreath arises from the depth of the outbreath. You are connected with all things, it is safe to breathe fully into the feeling of togetherness and love for all.

As you breathe and become more and more connected observe the thoughts and feelings you have about the beings in your world. These are your guidance on what you are to do as a Deva, a care-giver for your part of the world.

When your attention is drawn to a place, or a being, breathe into the love you have for that being. You might notice a pain in your body and connect with a sense of pain in that other being. Together you can work with these things to help you both with the causes of dis-ease and loss of well-being.

Eyes open or closed, you might see a plant and think that it needs water, shifting, or food. You might be inspired to go for a walk, and visit a lake or a tree.

You might be inspired to be a Deva. If so there is a e-book Be A Deva and a Wikia Harmony Deva that can help.

For help with communicating with all beings check out Harmony Forest Stories - All Souls Communication


Go with your first impressions, they speak the truth as your heart is able to tell you, before your mind judges it as unreal. Your mind will learn to listen to your heart more with practice, and will eventually agree that inner nudges, impressions, waking dreams, intuitions, knowing, and being are real and do not threaten its ability to honour you with thinking.

Trust everything that comes to you if it serves others with love, respects them, and they need it.

Recommended reading for further help: "Be A Deva" an e-book by David Baillie.