Video is watched using the RTMP protocol using Adobe's own Flash player browser plugin (which used to be Macromedia Shockwave-Flash). This is likely most internet users' encounter with RTMP, whether they are aware of it or not. However, there is other software available that understands Adobe's Real Time Media Protocol ...

Client software Edit

See wikipedia:Real Time Messaging Protocol#Client software

rtmpdump package Edit

Packages of the RTMPdump suite of software are available in the major open-source repositories (GNU/Linux distros). These include the front-end apps, "rtmpdump" "rtmpsrv" and "rtmpsuck."

For more information on how to use rtmpsuck, conduct a web search for: "rtmpsuck iptables"

The best guide, perhaps is here [1].



rtmp is an individual app(lication software program) within the same-named software package/suite. It's is a command, a utility.

from Main/parent article:

There is an open-source software package called rtmpdump, which is actually a suite of several software apps (tools/utilities) including the namesake, as well as rtmpsuck.

Hint: search for (query:) rtmpsuck iptables. (another hint) Then run Rtmpdump (executable/program/utility/app/command).

fork Edit

"A fork of RTMPdump, without the code which Adobe claims violates the wikipedia:DMCA in the USA, has been released as FLVstreamer. ... FLVstreamer will save to disk ("download") a stream of audio or video content from any RTMP server, provided wikipedia:RTMPE#Encryption is not enabled on the stream."

Read more in this revision of WikiPedia's english article on RTMP , section "fork".


In addition to Adobe's FlashPlugin client, there is ...

more Windows software from


HenSence makes free software which I have used.

MediaBox works in conjunction with Blader.

MediaBox's functionality is equivalent to the way iptables works with rtmpsuck under Linux.

MediaBox detects the presence of downloadable media (including videos that stream through flash .swf animations (Flash video), as well as) RTMP. To detect traffic over the RTMP port, it needs admin (root) (elevated) privileges.

Blader can capture/download/save RTMP video, like rtmpdump, which - in fact - it uses code from (base).

"There are two extra tools in MediaBox package. The download tool Blader and the record tool CooREC." [2] I have not used "CooREC", myself. -- Fleetwoodta (talk) 02:51, December 23, 2014 (UTC)

about Process "mediabox.exe

Download Edit

Stream Transport Edit

Stream Transport is windows software that can download videos that stream over RTMP as well as HTTP (usually through a (Shockwave-)Flash animation (.swf file)).

official website

download installer File details: Last-Modified: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 01:03:02 GMT ; size: 1948859 bytes.

Mirror on (December 12, 2013) setup_1101.exe

An older revision (release) of StreamTransport is a few years old and uses an old version of the Trident layout engine (which is the heart/core of Internet Explorer).

see [3]

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WikiPedia article on RTMP, particularly this revision of the article.

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