Friday Night Firey is the 1st episode of the BFDI rapping and other stuff category. It features about 16 characters. (7 major, 9 minor, 1 mentioned in a rap)


Join Pen, Needle, Eraser, Snowball, Ice Cube, Coiny, Announcer, and Gelatin in some whacky rap battles!


The episode starts at nighttime with Pen, Needle, and Eraser challenging Snowball to a rap battle.

Rap Battle 1 Characters





Rap Battle 1 Lyrics (not heard)

unknown(for now)


After the rap, it(the video) shows that Pen's team(Pen, Needle, Eraser) won. Snowball then gets thrown away for the night.

Ice Cube then comes from behind the flowers(that Pen made) and gave Needle and Pen hats(Pen's is a top hat)

In the morning, the camera goes to Puffball, Rocky, Ruby, Teardrop, and a Teardrop named Teardrop Leader(who was the leader of the Teardrop Army from the trailer) with Blocky in a cage, hoping to be freed.

Puffball wakes up and says she had the "worst dream ever"

When the sun burns Ruby's eyes, she glitches in the ground, flinging Teardrop offscreen in the process.

After a few seconds, Rocky picks up Ruby, and throws her into Puffball, making both of them fly offscreen.

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