Wikitext or Wikitext Markup Language is the code that simplifies creating pages on wiki sites.

Quick guide

Some of the most common syntaxes in wikitext are:


  • Internal Linking
    • Simple
      Code: [[Main Page]]
      Result: Main Page
    • Link to Main Page but display Home:
      Code: [[Main Page|Home]]
      Result: Home
    • Linking to a wikipedia page:
      Code: [[Wikipedia:Dog]]
      Result: Wikipedia:Dog
    • Linking to a wikipedia page without wikipedia displayed:
      Code: [[Wikipedia:Dog|]] or [[Wikipedia:Dog|Dog]]
      Result: Dog
  • External Linking
    • Simple requires nothing extra:
    • Linking to the site but displaying alternate text:
      Code: [ GNU]
      Result: GNU

Text Formating

  • Bold
    Code: '''Bold Text'''
    Result: Bold Text
  • Italic
    Code: ''Italic Text''
    Result: Italic Text

Page Formating

  • line
    Code: ----
    Result: (the line below)

(the line above)


The following HTML tags also work as wikitext tags <center>center</center>, <s>strike-through</s>, newline <br \>, <pre></pre>, <div></div>, <!-- hidden comments -->


  • Remove wikitext formating
    Code: <nowiki></nowiki>
  • Remove Table of contents
    Code: __NOTOC__
  • Add Comment
    Code: <!-- comment -->

Wikipedia's Howtos

wikipedia has 92 howtos on wikitext. Its recommended you visit wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia how-to.

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