Electronic and Computer Acronyms





A/D analog to digital
AAC Advanced Audio Coding
AAC Advanced Audio Compression
AAIC active addressing integrated circuit
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer communications
AAL2 ATM Adaptation Layer 2 communications
ABEL Advanced Boolean Equation Language
ABI application binary interface
ABT advanced BiCMOS technology
ABTE Advanced BiCMOS Technology/Enhanced logic
ABTH Advanced BiCMOS Technology logic with Bus-Hold
AC Advanced CMOS logic
AC alternating current
ACATS Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service (standard)
ACF auto-correlation function
ACK acknowledge ASCII character for confermation
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface power spec
ACT Advanced CMOS logic with TTL-compatible inputs
ADC analog-to-digital converter signal convention
ADDSP application-specific digital signal processor See also ASIC
ADM add/drop multiplexer
ADPCM adaptive differential pulse-code modulation Communications
ADSL asynchronous/asymmetrical digital-subscriber loop line Internet
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AF audio frequency
AFC audio-frequency control
AFC automatic frequency control
AFE Analog front end
AGC automatic gain control
AGP accelerated graphics port computer video
AHDL analog hardware-description language programing language
AI artificial intelligence
AIN advanced intelligent network (telecommunications)
ALF advanced library format
ALGOL algorithmic language
ALN adaptive-logic network (neural)
ALU arithmetic-logic unit math Processor
AM active matrix (liquid-crystal display)
AM amplitude modulation Communications
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMEL active-matrix electroluminescence
AMLCD active-matrix liquid-crystal display
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service (worldwide standard)
AN Access Network
AP arithmetic processor, See also: ALU
APD Avalanche photodiode
API application-programming interface
APM advanced power management power saving and management
AQL acceptable quality level
ARO after receipt of order
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit IC
ASCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange text
ASPI advanced SCSI programming interface
ASR automatic speech recognition
ASSP application-specific standard product
ATA ATbus-attachment mobile version of IDE
ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface IDE standard
ATE automatic test equipment
ATELP adaptive-transform-excited-linear prediction
ATG automatic test generation
ATM asynchronous transfer mode communications
ATPG automatic test-program/pattern generation
ATRAC adaptive-transform acoustic coding
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATV advanced television high-definition television
avg average
AVI advanced vehicle identification
AVI Analog VHDL International standards group
AWG American wire gauge ( wire diameter standard
AWG arbitrary-waveform generator
AWG array waveguide grading


B bel
B-CDMA broadband code division multiple access (communications)
B8ZS bipolar eight zero substitution
BALUN balanced-to-unbalanced Impedance transformer
Basic beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code programing language
BAW bulk acoustic wave (HF device)
BBS bulletin board system dial-up computer server
BBT bit-block transfer
BC backward compatible
BCCH broadcast control channel
BCD binary-coded decimal
BDD binary decision diagram
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BEI back-scattered electron imaging
BER bit error rate
BERT bit error rate/ratio test
BFSK binary frequency-shift keying communication protocol
BFSL best-fit straight line error measurement
BGA ball grid array IC package
BiCMOS bipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductor ICs with bipolar and MOSFET's
BIOS basic input/output system computer
BIP bit-interleaved parity communications
BIST built-in self-test
Bit-BLT bit-block line transfer
BITE built-in test equipment
BIU bus-interface unit
BIX bus-interface transceiver
BJT bipolar junction transistor
BLAS basic linear-algebra subprogram (software)
BLIP background-limited infrared photodetector
BLOB binary large object
BLT block transfer
BMC Baseboard Management Controller
BMP bit-mapped graphics file format
BMU bit-manipulation unit
BMV Bundesministerium fur Verkehr (German Ministry of Transportation)
BNC baby n connector coax wire connector
BOM Bill of Materials
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol (Internet)
BORSCHT battery-feed, overvoltage, ringing, supervision, coding, hybrid and test (functions of all-inclusive telecommunications device)
BPF band-pass filter
BPSK binary phase-shift keying communication protocol
BPU boundary-processing unit
BPV bipolar violation
BSAC bit-sliced arithmetic coding
BSC bisynchronous communication
BSDL boundary-scan description language software
BSI British Standards Institution
BSS broadcast satellite service (DBS)
BSS basic service set communications
BTL backplane transceiver logic
BWA broadband wireless access


CA certificate authority
CAC Connnection address control
CAD computer aided design programs
CAE computer-aided engineering
CAGR compound annual growth rate
CAI Common Air Interface (European)
CAIBE chemically assisted ion-beam etch
CAM content-addressable memory
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAMAC computer-aided measurement and control
CAN controller-area network
CAP competitive access provider (vs RBOC)
CART classification and regression tree (neural network)
CASCADE Chip Architecture for Smart Cards and (Portable Intelligent) Devices
CASE computer-aided software engineering
CAT computer-aided test
CAT computerized axial tomography (medical diagnostics)
CATV community antenna TV
CB complementary bipolar (IC)
CBGA ceramic ball-grid array IC package
CBIC complementary bipolar integrated circuit
CBR constant bit rate
CC/VL constant current, voltage limited (power supply)
CCC ceramic chip carrier IC Package
CCD charge-coupled device
CCF cross-correlation function
CCFT cold-cathode fluorescent tube
CCGA ceramic column grid array IC package
CCN Center for Civic Networking (on Internet)
CCPCH Common control physical channel
CCS common channel signaling (telecommunications)
CCTV closed-circuit TV
CCW counterclockwise direction
CD collision detection
CDF cumulative distribution function
CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp lamp for back lighting LCD screens
CDI compact-disk interactive
CDMA code division multiple access (digital communications standard)
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Consortium standard)
CD-R CD-recordable
CDR clock and data recovery
CDRAM cache dynamic random-access memory
CEG Consumer Electronics Group (of EIA)
CELP code-excited linear prediction (speech coding)
CEPS color electronic prepress system (DTP)
CERMET ceramic metal (element)
CFAR constant false-alarm rate (radar)
CFB configurable function block
CFC chlorofluorocarbon
CFC current-to-frequency converter
CFI CAD Framework Initiative standard)
CHINT charge-injected transistor
CIC CEBus Industry Consortium
CID charge-injection device
CiDSL Consumer-installable DSL
CIE computer-integrated engineering
CIF Common Intermediate Format (ITU video standard)
CIIL Common Instrument/Control Intermediate Interface Language
CIM computer-integrated manufacturing
CISC complex-instruction-set computing
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange (consortium, Falls Church, VA)
CLCC ceramic leadless chip carrier (IC Package)
CLIW Customizable long instruction word
CLP cell-loss priority (network)
CMA ceramic multilayer actuators
CMIP common management-information protocol
CML current-mode logic circuit
CMOS complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CMP chip-level multiprocessing
CMR common-mode ratio
CMRR common-mode rejection ratio
CMS connection-management system (communications)
CMS customer mobility space (communications)
CMV common-mode voltage
CMVR common-mode voltage ratio
CMY cyan, magenta, yellow (printing colors)
CNC computerized numerically controlled (machine)
CNR Communication Network Riser (card)
CO central office (telecommunications)
COB chip on board
Cobol Common Business Oriented Language (programing language)
COCB chip-on-chip ball (grid array) (IC package)
codec coder/decoder (two-way communications), also sometimes defines a single-chip A/D-plus-D/A converter
codec coder-decoder (compression algorithm)
COM Common Object Model (software standard)
COMINT communications intelligence
CoPEC Colorado Power electronics center Org
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture (of OMG)
CoS Class of Service
COSE Common Open Software/Systems Environment (Unix)
COTS commercial off the shelf
CP Customer Premises
CPCI compact peripheral-component interconnect
CPE Customer premises equipment
CPGA ceramic pin grid array (IC package)
CPIX Common Programming Interface
CPLD complex programmable-logic device
CPU central processing unit
CQFP ceramic quad flatpack (IC Package)
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRT cathode ray tube
csc cosecant
CSIX Common Switch Interface
CSM cell-site modem
CSMA/CD carrier-sense multiple access/collision detection (LAN)
CSO composite second order
CSP chip scale package
CSP chip-sized package (IC Package)
CTE coefficient of thermal expansion
CTS clear to send
CW clockwise
CW continuous wave


DA distributor/arbitor
D-S direct synthesis
D/A digital-to-analog
DAA data-access arrangement
DAA Direct Access Arrangement
DAB data-acquisition board
DAB digital-audio broadcasting
DAC digital-to-analog converter
DAP data-acquisition processor
DAQ data acquisition
DAS data-acquisition system
DAT digital audio tape
DAV digital audio video
Davic Digital Audio-Visual Council
DBMS database-management system
DBPSK differential binary phase-shift keying (communications protocol)
DBS direct-broadcast satellite (TV)
DBS digital-broadcast satellite
dc direct current
dc/dc dc to dc converter
DCASP digitally controlled analog-signal processing
DCC data-communications channel
DCC digital compact cassette
DCDI directional correlational deinterlacing
DCE data-communications equipment
DCE Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)
DCH dedicated channel
DCI display-control interface
DCL delay-calculation language
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model
DCR digital direct conversion receiver
DCS digital communications system
DCT discrete cosine transform
DDC display data channel (VESA)
DDE dynamic data exchange (software)
DDI device-driver interface
DDR double data rate
DDS direct digital synthesis
DDTCP dual tape-carrier package (IC Package)
DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone/Telecommunications (standard)
DEF design-exchange format
DES Data Encryption Standard
DESC Defense Electronic Supply Center (Dayton, OH)
DFM design for manufacturability
DFT design for test
DFT discrete Fourier transform
DIC differential interference contrast (optical inspection)
DIE Die Information Exchange (IC)
DIL dual inline (IC package)
DIMM dual inline-memory module
DIN Deutsche Industrial Norms (German standards agency)
DINOR dual-voltage NOR
DIP dual in-line package
DKE Deutsche Electrontechnische Kommission im DIN und VDE (Germany)
DLC Digital Loop Carrier
DLL dynamic-link library
DLL digital delay-locked loop
DLP digital light processing
DMA direct-memory access
DMD digital micromirror device (display)
DMM digital multimeter
DMOS double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor
DMT discrete multitone (modulation)
DNL differential nonlinearity (ADC performance)
DNS domain name system (DNC) (Internet)
DOCSIS Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification
DOS disk operating system
DPAK small power transistor package surface mount IC Package
DPCCH dedicated physical control channel
DPCH dedicated physical channel
DPDCH dedicated physical data channel
dpdt double-pole, double-throw (switch)
DPM digital panel meter
DPMS display power-management signaling (VESA standard)
DPP digitally programmable potentiometer
dpst double-pole, single-throw (switch)
DQPSK differential quadrature phase-shift keying (communication protocol)
DRAM dynamic random-access memory
DRO dielectric-resonator oscillator
DS downstream
DSL digital subscriber loop (communication protocol)
DSLAM DSL Access Multiplexing
DSM deep submicron
DSM-CC Digital Storage Media Command and Control (group)
DSO digital-storage oscilloscope (usually describes general-purpose instruments)
DSO digital-sampling oscilloscope (usually describes ultra-high-speed sequential-sampling instruments)
DSP digital signal processing/processor
DSR data set ready
DSSS direct-sequence spread spectrum (communication)
DTAB demountable tape-automated bonding (IC)
DTAD digital telephone-answering device
DTE data-termination equipment
DTL diode transistor logic
DTMF dual tone multifrequency ( communications)
DTS Digital Theater System
DTV digital television
DUT device under test
DVD digital versatile disk
DVD digital video disk
DVI digital video interactive
DVI Digital Visual Interface
DVM digital voltmeter
DVP digital video processor
DWDM dense-wavelength-division multiplexing
DWT discrete waveform transform (video compression)


E-O electro-optical
EAN European Article Number
EAROM electrically alterable read-only memory
EBCDIC extended binary-coded-decimal interchange code
EBGA enhanced ball-grid array (IC Package)
ECC error-correction code
ECL emitter-coupled logic
ECM electronic countermeasure (radar)
ECN epoxy cresol nevolac (semiconductor-case resin)
ECO engineering change order
EDA electronic-design automation
EDAC error detection and correction (circuit)
EDD enhanced disk drive
EDFA erbium-doped fiber amplifier
EDGE Enhanced Data GSM Environment
EDI electronic data interchange
EDIF Electronic Design Interoperability/Interchange Format (schematic software)
EDM electrical-discharge machining
EDMOS, ED-MOS Extended drain metal-oxide semiconductor (transistor tech)
EDO extended data out (computer architecture)
EDS extended data service
EDTV enhanced-definition digital television
EEPROM electrically erasable PROM
EES Escrow Encryption Standard
EFCI Explicit forward congestion indicator
EISA extended industry-standard architecture (PC bus)
EJTAG enhanced JTAG (protocol)
EL electroluminescent (display)
ELF extremely low frequency
ELINT electronic intelligence
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMDP enhanced MDSL data pump
EMF electromagnetic field
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EMS expanded-memory specification (PC)
endec encoder-decoder (LAN standard)
ENOB effective number of bits (analog-to-digital conversion)
ENR excess noise ratio
EPAC Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coder
EPD early packet discard
EPLD erasable programmable-logic device
EPROM erasable programmable read-only memory
EPS extended Postscript (image format)
ER explicit rate
ESD electrostatic discharge
ESDA electronic system design automation
ESDI enhanced small drive/device interface
ESF extended super-frame (communications)
ESL equivalent series inductance
ESNUG E-Mail Synopsys Users Group
ESR equivalent series resistance
ESS environmental stress screening
ESS electronic switching system
ETC enhanced throughput cellular (protocol)
ETDMA extended time-division multiple access (communications)
ETF equalized transfer function
ETS equivalent time sampling (digital storage oscilloscope)
ETS European Telecommunications Standard
EUT equipment under test
EW electronic warfare
ExCA Exchangeable Card Architecture
ext extension


F-H frequency hopping (communications)
F/V frequency-to-voltage (converter)
F/V frequency to voltage
FACT Fairchild advanced CMOS technology
FALU floating-point arithmetic-logic unit
FAQ frequently asked question
FAS frame-alignment signal (communications)
FASIC function- and algorithm-specific integrated circuit
FAST Fairchild advanced Schottky technology
FAST flexible accelerated stress test
FAT file-allocation table (digital disk format)
FC Fibre Channel (communication)
FCA Fibre Channel Association
FCBGA flip chip ball grid array ic package
FCSI Fibre Channel Systems Initiative
FCT fast CMOS technology
FDDI fibre distributed data interface (communications)
FDMA frequency-division multiple access (communications)
FDX full-duplex (communications)
FEA field-emitter array (display)
FEA finite-element array
FEBE far-end-block error (communications)
FEC flexible etched circuits
FEC forward error correction
FED field-emission/emitter display
FET field-effect transistor
FFS Flash File Standard (PCMCIA)
FFT fast Fourier transform
FHSS frequency hopping spread spectrum (communications)
FIFO first in, first out (memory)
FIR finite-impulse response (filter)
FISO fast-in, slow-out (circuit)
FIT failures in time (testing)
FIT fault-isolation test
fL footlambert
FLC ferroelectric liquid crystal
FM frequency modulation
FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave (radar)
FMU floating-point multiplier-divider-square-root unit
FO fiber optic
FORTRAN formula translation (software language)
FOV field of view
FPBGA fine-pitch ball-grid array
FPCB field-programmable circuit board
FPGA field-programmable gate array
FPGA fine-pitch grid array (IC package)
FPIC field-programmable interconnect chip
FPID field-programmable interconnect device
FPLA field-programmable logic array
FPN floating-point number
FPSLIC field-programmable system-level IC
FPU floating-point unit
FQFP fine-pitch quad flat pack
FR full rate (communications)
FRAM ferroelectric random-access memory
FRED fast-recovery epitaxial diode (rectifier)
FRF frequency-response function
FS full scale panel meters
FSK frequency-shift keying (communications protocol)
FSM finite state machine
FSS fixed satellite service (DBS)
FTL Flash Translation Layer (PCMCIA standard)
FTP File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
VC F/V converter


g gravity acceleration
GaAs gallium arsenide
GCA gain-controlled amplifier
GDI graphics-drive interface
Gencam generic computer-aided manufacturing
GFC generic flow control (ATM)
GFM graphics file manager
GFSK gaussian frequency-shift keying (communications protocol)
GIF graphic image file
GMII Gigabit media-independent interface
GMII Gigabit MAC interface
GMSK gaussian-filtered minimum-shift keying (communication protocol)
GPC Graphics Performance Characterization (Committee)
GPIB general-purpose interface bus
GPL graphical programming language
GPL GNU General Public License
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS Global Positioning System/Satellite
GQFP guard-ring quad flatpack (IC package)
GSM Groupe Speciale Mobile/Global System for Mobile communications (communication protocol)
GTL Gunning transceiver logic
GTLP Gunning transceiver logic plus
GUI graphical user interface


HCPLD high-capacity programmable-logic device
HD high-definition (TV)
HDCD high-definition compatible digital
HDD hard-disk drive
HDL hardware-description language
HDLC hardware-description language C
HDLC High Level Data Link Control (ISO standard)
HDS hardware-design system
HDSL high-bit-rate digital-subscriber line
HDTMOS high-density-technique metal-oxide semiconductor
HDTV high-definition digital television
HDX half duplex (communications)
HEC head-error control
HEMT high electron-mobility transistor
HiperLAN high-performance local-area network (communications)
HIPOT high potential (testing)
HIPPI high-performance parallel interface
HLL high-level language (software)
HLR home-location register (personal communications computer)
HLUT half look-up table
HPC hand-held PC
HR half-rate (communications)
HSL hue, saturation, luminescence (color graphics)
HSM hierarchical storage management
HSOP high-power small-outline package
HSTL high-speed transceiver logic
HSTP High Speed Transport Protocol
HTML Hypertext Markup Language (Internet file type)
HTRB high-temperature reverse bias (burn-in testing)
HTS high-temperature superconductor
HTTL high-power transistor-to-transistor logic
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HV high voltage


I/O input/output
I2L integrated injection logic
IA instrument amplifier
IAB Internet Activities Board
IAC interapplication communication (protocol)
IBOC in-band on-channel
IC integrated circuit
ICE in-circuit emulator
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICR in-circuit reconfiguration
ID identification
ID inside diameter
IDAPI integrated database application programming interface
IDC insulation displacement connector
IDC insulation displacement contact
IDE intelligent drive electronics (disk interface)
IDE integrated device electronics
IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm
IDFT inverse discrete Fourier transform
IDL interconnect description language
IF intermediate frequency
IFAC International Federation of Automation Control
IFFT inverse fast Fourier transform
IGBT insulated/isolated-gate bipolar transistor
IISP Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (of ANSI)
IMD intermodulation distortion
IMTS Improved Mobile Telephone Service
InGaAs indium gallium arsenide
INL integral non-linearity (ADC performance)
INMARSA International Maritime Satellite (mobile communications consortium)
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite (mobile communications consortium)
IP intellectual property
IP Internet Protocol
IPMC industrial process measurement and control
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6
IR insulation resistance
IR infrared
IRD integrated receiver-decoder (for DBS)
IrDA Infrared Data Association
IRF impulse response function
IRQ interrupt request (software)
IS Industry Standard of Architecture (PC bus)
IS interconnect synthesis
ISA industry-standard architecture
ISDB integrated services digital broadcasting
ISDN integrated services digital network (communications)
ISHM International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics
ISM industrial, scientific, and medical (applications/bands)
ISO International Standards Organization
ISP in-system programmable
ISP Internet-service provider
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IVDS interactive video data service
IVHS Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
IVMS In-Vehicle Multiplexing System (standard)


JDC Japanese digital cellular (system)
JDS Japanese Digital Standard (telecommunications)
JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
JEIDA Japan Electronics Industry Development Association
JESSI Joint European Semiconductor Silicon Initiative
JFET junction field-effect transistor
JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
JIT just-in-time (manufacturing, staffing, etc.)
JMOS junction metal-oxide semiconductor
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (video and image file standard)
JTACS Japanese Total Access Communications System
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
JTEC Japanese Technology Evaluation Center
JTFA joint time-frequency analysis (DSP)
JVM Java virtual machine

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