electronic and computer acronyms





KGD known-good die (semiconductor)
KSR keyboard send, receive
L lambert
L Inductor
LAB logic array block
LAN local-area network
LAP large-area processing (reference multichip module IC)
laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
LC inductance-capacitance
LC liquid crystal (display)
LC low complexity
LCC leadless chip carrier
LCD liquid-crystal display
LCI line-conducted interference (telecommunications)
LCOS liquid crystal on silicon
LCPGA low-cost pin-grid array (IC Package)
LCR inductance-capacitance-resistance
LCR inductance-capacitance-resistance (meter)
LD-AAC Low Delay Advanced Audio Compression
LDPC Low Density Parity Checker
LDMOS lateral double-diffused MOS
LED light-emitting diode
LEF library-exchange format
LEO low-earth-orbit
LES LAN emulation services (communications)
LF low frequency (30 to 300 kHz)
LGA land grid array (IC Package)
LIF low insertion force (socket)
LIFO last-in, first-out
LIGBT lateral insulated-gate bipolar transistor
Li-ion lithium ion
LIM Lotus-Intel-Microsoft (EMS spec committee)
LIMS laboratory information management system
LIT logic integrity test
LLC Limited Liability Corporation
LLP leadless lead-frame package (IC Package)
ln logarithm, natural
LNA low noise amplifier
LND low noise band
LO local oscillator
LOF loss-of-frame (communications error)
log logarithm
LPAC lossless predictive audio compression
LPF low-pass filter
LPM Library of Parameterized Modules/Macros (standard)
LRM language reference manual
LSB least significant bit
LSI large scale integration
LSR least-squares regression (curve-fit)
LSSD level-sensitive scan design (testing)
LSTTL low-power Schottky transistor-to-transistor logic
LTAC lossless transform audio coding
LUT look-up table
LVCMOS low-voltage complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
LVDS low-voltage differential signaling
LVDT linear-velocity displacement transformer (transducer)
LVT low-voltage transceiver
LVTTL low-voltage transistor-to-transistor logic
M-Quad metal (body) quad (flat-pack)(IC Package)
MAC multiply-accumulate (computer operations)
MAC media-access control (communications protocol)
MAN metropolitan area network (communications)
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAP modular arithmetic coprocessor
MAPI messaging application programming interface
MARS mechanical antireflective switch
maser Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
MATE Modular Automatic Test Equipment (standard)
MCA Micro-Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCM multichip module (IC design)
MCT MOS-controlled thyristor
MCU microcontroller unit
MD minidisk
MDCT modified discrete cosine transform (synonymous with TDAC)
MDSP microwave digital signal processor
MEMS microelectromechanical systems
MESC Molecular Equipment Subcommittee for Communications (of SEMI)
MESFET metal-epitaxial semiconductor field-effect transistor
MFM modified frequency modulation
MFP mini-flat pack (Japanese SOIC packaging)
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
MHDL Mimic hardware description language (microwave)
MIB management information base
MIDI musical-instrument digital interface (multimedia)
MII media independent interface
MIM metal-insulator-metal (diode)
MIMD multiple-instruction, multiple-data (path-DSP)
MIME Multipurpose/Multimedia Internet Mail Extension
Mimic microwave-millimeter wave integrated circuit
MIP mixed integer program
MIPS million instructions per second
MIR Medium Infrared Speed for IrDA (0.576 Mbit/s and 1.152 Mbit/s)
MIS management information system
MLP Meridian lossless packing
MMDS multichannel multipoint distribution service
MMF multimode fiber
MMI man-machine interface
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMS modular measurement system
MMU memory-management unit (microprocessor)
MMX multimedia extension
MNOS metal-nitride oxide semiconductor
MO magneto optical disk storage
MOCVD metal-organic chemical vapor decompression (LED)
modem modulator-demodulator (telecommunications)
MOEMS micro-optical electromechanical systems (optical MEMS)
MOPS million operations per second
MOS metal-oxide semiconductor
MOSFET metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
MOSIGT metal-oxide semiconductor insulated-gate transistor
MOTS military off-the-shelf (procurement)
MOV metal-oxide varistor
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group (video standard)
MPFM motion picture file manager
MPLS multiprotocol label switching
MPP massively parallel processor
MPU microprocessor unit
MQFP metric quad flat-pack (packaging)
MR magnetoresistive (disk head)
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MSA metropolitan statistical area (cellular communications)
MSB most significant bit
MSDSL Multirate Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
MSDU media-access control service data unit (communications)
MSI medium-scale integration
MSK minimum shift keying (communications)
MSM mobile station modem
MSS mobile satellite system
MTBF mean time between failures
MTD moving-target detection (radar)
MTD memory technology driver
MTFT multilayer thick-film technology
MTI moving-target indicator (radar)
MTP-2 Message Transfer Parts
MTTF mean time to failure
MTTR mean time to repair
mux multiplexer
MVP multimedia video processor
MXI Multiplatform extension for Instrumentation (bus standard)
N-AMPS narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
NAV network allocation vector (communications)
NBC non-backward compatible
NC numerical control (machine)
NCD nonlinear control design
NCE Nomadic Computing Environment (portable PC standard)
NCO numerically controlled oscillator
NDDS network data-delivery service
NDR negative differential resistance (transistor)
NEMP nuclear electromagnetic pulse
NEP noise equivalent power
NFS network-file system (Unix standard)
NFS network file systems
NIC network interface card
NiCd nickel cadmium
NII National Information Infrastructure
NIM network-interface module (standard)
NIM National Instrumentation Module (standard)
NiMH nickel metal hydride (battery)
NMOS N-channel metal-oxide semiconductor
NMRR normal-mode rejection ratio
NNI network-network interface (standard)
NNI network node interface
NOP no-operation instruction
NOS network operating system
NRE nonrecurring engineering
NRF nonvolatile RAM file-manager
nrt-VBR non-real-time variable bit rate
NRZ nonreturn to zero
NSB National Science Board
NSMD nonsolder mask defined
NTC negative temperature coefficient
NTDS National TV Design Standards
NTE near to eye
NTSC National Television Systems Committee (TV standard)
NTTC National Transportable Telecommunications Capability (COMSAT)
NTV nonlinear thickness variation (IC wafer)
NVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
NVRAM nonvolatile random-access memory
NWDM narrow-wavelength-division multiplexing
OADM optical add-drop multiplexer
OAM operations, administration, and maintenance
OAM&P operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning
OC optical carrier
OCR optical character reader/recognition
OCXO oven controller crystal oscillator
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OEO optical-electrical optical
OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (communications)
OIDA Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
OLA open-library architecture
OLE object linking and embedding (Microsoft software standard)
OLED organic LED
OMF Open Model Forum (of EDA)
OMG Object Management Group (software standard
OMI Open Microprocessor Initiative (European)
ONU Optical Network Units
OO object oriented
OOF out-of-frame (communications error)
OOP object-oriented programming
OOT object-oriented technology (software)
OPAMP operational amplifier device
OQPSK offset-quadrature phase-shift keying (communications standard)
ORB object request broker (CORBA)
ORG Open Rights Group (Digital Rights)
OS operating system (computer)
OSI open systems interconnection (communications)
OSPF open sorted path first
OSR oversampling ratio (ADC)
OTDR optical time-domain reflectometer
OTS off-the-shelf
OVP over-voltage protection (power supply)
OVSF orthogonal variable spreading factor
OXC optical cross-connect
p-p peak-to-peak
P/I packaging and interconnecting
P4 photolithographic pattern plated probe
PA-RISC Precision Architecture - Reduced Instruction Set
PA/R peak-to-average ratio
PABX private access/area branch exchange
PAC pad array carrier
PAC Perceptual Audio Coder
PAD packet assembler/disassembler
PAD programmable address decoder
PAD bus processor address data bus
PAL phase-alternation line; French TV spec
PAL programmable-array logic
PALC plasma-addressed liquid crystal (display)
PAM pulse-amplitude modulation
PARD periodic and random deviation
PASC Perceptual Audio Sub-band Coding
PBA printed board assembly
PBGA plastic ball-grid array (IC Package)
PBGAM plastic ball-grid array, multilayer (IC Package)
PBT chemical designation like PBC, etc.
PBX private branch exchange
PC personal computer
pc board (PCB) printed-circuit board
PC-QFP printed-circuit-based quad flat pack (IC Package)
PCC Personal Communication Computer (European)
PCF point coordination function
PDH Personal Digital Communications
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect [bus]
PCI SIG PCI Special Interest Group
PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association
PCL printer control language
PCM pulse-code modulation
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCN personal communications network
PCOM private communications
PCR plastic chip carrier (IC Package)
PCS plastic clad silica
PCS personal communications service/system
PCU peripheral control unit
PD pulsed doppler (radar)
PDA personal digital assistant (portable computing)
PdAg palladium silver
PDC personal digital cellular (telecommunications system)
PDEF physical design exchange format
PDH plesiochronous-digital hierarchy (communications network)
PDI perspective dark-field imaging (semiconductor wafer inspection)
PDIAL public-access dial-up (Internet provider)
PDIF P-CAD data interchange format
PDIP plastic dual-inline package (IC Package)
PDM product data management
PDP plasma display panel
PDT prototype debug tool (Tektronix)
PDU protocol data unit
PEBB power electronics building block
PECC partially error-controlled connections
PECL positive/pseudo emitter-coupled logic
PECVD plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
PEEL Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic
PEM privacy enhanced mail (Internet)
PEP Programmable Electronics Performance (Corp standard)
pF picofarad
PF power factor
PFC power-factor correction (power supply)
PFM pulse frequency modulation (battery charging)
PGA pin-grid array (IC Package)
PGA programmable gain amplifier
PGD 'pretty good die' (IC production)
PGP 'pretty good privacy' (Internet encryption algorithm)
PHEMT pseudomorphic high electronic mobility technology (FET process)
PHP Personal Handyphone (Japanese standard)
PHP power hybrid package
PHP personal home page
PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (Programing Language)
PHP/FI PHP Form Interpreter
PHY physical layer
PIC parallel interference cancellation
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PID proportional-integral differential (control loop compensator)
PIN positive-doped/intrinsic/negative-doped
PIN pn junction with intrinsic region
PIND particle impact noise detection
PIO parallel I/O
PIP procedural interface protocol
PIV peak inverse voltage
pixel picture element
PKI public-key infrastructure
PLA programmable-logic array; Signetics trademark
PLACE PEEL Architectural Compiler/Editor
PLC planar light-wave circuit
PLCC plastic leaded chip carrier (IC Package)
PLCP physical-layer convergence procedure
PLD programmable-logic device
PLDC polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (display)
PLI Programming Language Interface (OVI)
PLL phase-locked loop
PLS programmable logic sequencer
PM phase modulation
PMA post-metallization anneal
PMC PCI Mezzanine Card (standard)
PMCM plastic multichip module
PMD physical media dependent
PMOS p-type metal-oxide semiconductor
PMP post-metal programming
PMT photo-multiplier tube
PMU parametric measurement unit
PN processor node
PNN probabilistic neural network
pnp pnp junction bipolar transistor
PnP Plug and Play (ISA standard)
POP point of presence (Internet)
POP Post Office Protocol (Internet)
PoS packet-over-SONET
POSIX portable operating system interface - Unix
POST power-on self tests
POT plain-old telephony
POTS plain-old telephone service (system?)
PPGA plastic pin grid array (IC Package)
PPI plan position indicator (radar)
ppm part(s) per million
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol (Internet protocol)
PPT precision pad technology
PQFP plastic quad flat pack (IC Package)
PRACH physical random access channel
PRBS pseudorandom bit stream
PREP PowerPC reference platform
PRF pulse repetition frequency (radar)
PRML partial-response maximum-likelihood (disk storage)
PRN pseudo-random noise
PRO Precision RISC Organization
PROM programmable ROM
PRS pattern recognition system
PSD power spectral density
PSG phospho-silicate glass
PSK phase-shift keying (communication standard)
PSOP power small outline package (IC Package)
PSP programmable signal processor
PSPDN packet switched public data network
PSRAM pseudo-static RAM
PSRR power-supply rejection ratio
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PtAu platinum gold
PTC positive temperature coefficient
PTE path terminating equipment
PTF polymer-thick-film
PVC polyvinyl-chloride
PVD peak voltage detect/physical vapor deposition
PWM pulse-width modulation
PXI PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation
Q quality factor (of a resonant circuit)
QAM quadrature amplitude modulation
QAS Quick Arbitrate and Select
QC quality control
QCIF quarter-common intermediate format
QDR quad data rate
QE quantum efficiency (photomultiplier)
QFB quad flat butt-leaded package (IC Package)
QFP quad flat pack (IC Package)
QIC quarter-inch cartridge (storage)
QM queue management
QML qualified manufacturers list
QoS quality of service (communications)
QPL qualified part/product list (procurement)
QPL Qualified Products List
QPM quasi-phase-matched
QPSK quadrature phase-shift keying (communications standard)
QSM queued serial module
QSOP quarter-size outline package (IC Package)
QTAG Quality Test Action Group (communications standard)
QTCP quad tape carrier package (IC Package)
QUIP quad in-line package (IC Package)
QVGA quarter VGA (320X240 pixels)
RACH random access channel
RadHard radiation hardend
RADSL rate adaptive digital subscriber line
RAID redundant array of inexpensive disks
RAM random access memory
RAMDAC random access memory with digital-to-analog converter (often for video)
RAS row address strobe
RAS remote access service (network)
RASSP Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (ARPA project)
RAVE real-time audio/visual environment
RBOC regional Bell operating company
RC resistance-capacitance
RC-4 Rivest's Cipher
RCC rectangular chip carrier
RCM release complete message
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
READ relative element address designate
RED random early discard
REL release message
RF radio frequency
RFC request for comment (communications)
RFC radio frequency choke
RFI radio-frequency interference
RFIC radio-frequency integrated circuit
RFID radio frequency identification
RFP request for proposal
RGB red, green, blue
RHET resonant-tunneling hot-electron transistor
RHP reconfigurable hardware products
RIE reactive ion etching
RIO random early discard In/Out of Profile
RIP raster image processor (DTP)
RISC reduced-instruction-set computer
RISR remote interrupt service routine
RIU ring interface unit
RLC resistance-inductance-capacitance
RLE run-length encoding (data compression)
RLL run length limited (e.g.: 2,7 RLL)
RLN remote LAN node
RLQ rate-limiting queues
RM resource management
RMI resource-manager interface
RMII Reduced Media Independent Interface
RMON Remote Network Monitoring
rms root-mean-square
RMW read-modify-write (software)
RO reverse osmosis
ROM read-only memory
ROTS rugged off-the-shelf
ROW rest of the world
RP rapid prototyping
RP reinforced plastic
RPC remote procedural call (network)
RPC remote-procedure calls
RR round-robin
RS recommended standard
RSA Rivest, Shamir and Adelman (encryption)
RSSI received signal strength indicator
rt-VBR real-time variable bit rate
RTD resistance temperature detector
RTEID Real-Time Executive Interface Definition (Motorola)
RTI return from interrupt
RTL resistor transfer logic
RTL resistor transistor logic
RTL register-transfer level/language
RTM resin transfer molding
RTO return to output
RTOS real-time operating system
RTP rapid thermal processing
RTPS real-time publish-subscribe
RTS request-to-send
RTV room-temperature-vulcanized (silicone)
RTV real-time video
RW read/write
S-DAB satellite digital audio broadcasting
S/DMS SONET/digital multiplex switch
S/H sample and hold
SACD super-audio compact disc
SAM serial access memory
SAM switched access with multiplexer
SAN storage-area network
SAPI service access point identifier
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SAR Successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converters
SAR segmentation and reassembly (communications)
SAS silicon asymmetrical switch
SASI Shugart Associates System Interface
SAW surface acoustic wave
SBC single-board computer
SBDIP side-brazed dual in-line package
SBIC shared bus interface controller
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
SBM shared buffer memory (Alcatel)
SBS silicon bilateral switch
SBS smart battery system
SC shared cored (Ericsson)
SC/H subcarrier-to-horizontal (phase shift) phase of color burst extended to the leading edge of the horizontal sync pulse
SCAM SCSI configured automatically (ANSI protocol)
SCC serial communications controller
SCC square chip carrier
SCC stackable ceramic carrier
SCCM standard cubic centimeters/per minute
SCE storage-control element
SCFL source-coupled FET logic
SCH synchronization channel
SCI scalable coherent interface
SCI-PHY Saturn-Compliant Interface - Physical (device protocol)
SCIM single-chip integration module
SCM single-chip module
SCOT sealed chips on tape
SCPI Standards Committee for Programmable instruments
SCR silicon-controlled rectifier
SCS silicon-controlled switch
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SCXI signal conditioning extension for instrumentation
SDBGA super dissipation ball grid array
SDCM serial data converter modules
SDF standard-delay format
SDF Standard Delay File (OVI)
SDH synchronous digital hierarchy
SDIO secure-digital input/output
SDIP shrink dual-in-line package
SDK system development kit
SDLC software description language C
SDLC synchronous data-link control
SDLVA successive-detection log video amplifier (microwave)
SDOF single degree-of-freedom
SDRAM synchronous DRAM
SDSC Standards and Data Services Committee
SDTV standard-definition digital television
SE Switch Element
SEAL simple and efficient AAL
sec secant
sec second
SECAM Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire (European video standard)
SECAM Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire
SECS Semiconductor Equipment and Material International's Equipment Communications Standard
SEI secondary electron imaging (surface inspection)
SEL surface-emitting lasers
SELV safety extra-low voltage
SEM-E standard electronic module e-type (avionics)
SEP signaling endpoint
SERDES serializer/deserializer
SEU single-event upset
SFBI shared frame-buffer interface
SFC Shannon-Farro coding (data compression)
SFDR spurious free dynamic range
SFFPCI Small Form-Factor Personal Computer Interface(standard)
SFP short-fault protection
SFROM smart flash ROM
SGA solder grid array
SGMP simple gateway monitoring protocol
SHA sample-and-hold amplifier (ADC)
SHF super high frequency
SHG second harmonic generation
SHT suppressed high-level differential transfer (circuit)
Si silicon
SI International System of Units
SIC Standard Industrial Classification (numbering code)
SiC silicon carbide
SICL standard instrument control library
SID Society for Information Display (PCI)
SIG Special Interest Group
SiGe silicon germanium
SIM single inline module
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SIMD single-instruction, multiple-data (array)
SIMM single in-line memory module
SiN silicon nitride
sin sine
SINAD signal-to-noise-and-distortion (ratio)
SIO serial I/O
SiO silicon oxide
SIP Session Initialization Protocol
SIP single in-line package
SIP SMDS interface protocol
SIR signal-to-interference ratio
SIR surface insulation resistance
SIR Serial InfraRed Speed for IrDA (9600 bit/s, 19.2 kbit/s, 38.4 kbit/s, 57.6 kbit/s, or 115.2 kbit/s)
SIU system interface unit
SIU system integration unit
SL stripline
SLA sealed lead acid
SLAM scanning laser acoustic microscope
SLC single-layer ceramic
SLC surface laminar circuit
SLD source level debugger
SLIC subscriber-line interface circuit (communications)
Slicc slightly larger than IC carrier (packaging)
SLIP Serial-Line Internet Protocol
SLT solid logic technology
SMA surface-mounted assembly
SMART stress-marginality and accelerated-reliability testing
SMART Standard Module Avionics Repair and Test(software)
SMB shared-memory buffer
SMBus system-management bus
SMC S-Bus mezzanine card
SMC surface-mount components
SMD solder mask defined
SMD Storage Module Drive
SMD surface-mount device
SMDS switched multimegabit data services (Europe)
SME small-to-medium enterprises
SMF single-mode fiber
SMI small- and medium-sized industries
SMI (power) system management interrupts
SMII Serial Media Independent Interface
SMM (power) system management mode
SMOBC solder mask over bare copper
SMP symmetric multiprocessing
SMPGA surface-mount pin grid array
SMPS switch-mode power supply
SMRT surface-mount and reflow technology
SMT surface-mount technology
SMU source-measure unit
SMUG Spokane Microcomputer Users Group
SMX-6000 a Fujitsu switch model
SNA systems network architecture (IBM)
SNet SONET Network (Northern Telecom)
SNMP simple network management protocol
SNR signal-to-noise ratio
SO small outline
SOB small outline butt-leaded package
SOC system on chip
SOG spin-on glass
SOHO small office, home office
SOI silicon-on-insulator (IC)
SOIC small-outline IC
SOJ SOIC with J-leads
SOLA short, open, load and air-capacitor
SONET synchronous optical network
SOP small-outline package
SOPC system on a programmable chip
SORF small-outline radio frequency (package)
SOS silicon on sapphire
SOSCARD Secure Operating System Card
SOT small-outline transistor
SOVA soft-output Viterbi algorithms
SP span processor
SP switch port (Ericsson)
SPARC scalable processor architecture (Sun Processors)
Sparc scalable processor architecture (Sun Processors)
SPDIP shrink plastic dual in-line package (IC Package)
SPDM scalable polynomial-delay model
spdt single-pole, double-throw (switch)
SPE synchronous payload envelope
SPI serial peripheral interface
SPI synchronous pixel interface
Spice Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit
SPL sound pressure level
SPLD simple programmable-logic device
SPM scanning probe microscope
SPS samples per second
SPS sound-processing software
spst single-pole, single-throw (switch)
SQAM Sound Quality Assessment Material
SQC statistical quality control
SQE signal-quality error
SQFP shrink quad flat pack (IC Package)
SQL search and query language
SQPSK staggered quadrature phase-shift keying (communications protocol)
SR set/reset (flip-flop)
SRAM static random-access memory
SRCS SilkRoad Refractive Synchronization Communication
SRL shift register latch
SS spread spectrum (communications)
SS7 Signalling System 7
SSA serial storage architecture
SSB single sideband
SSD solid-state disk
SSET switching system exchange termination
SSH simultaneous sample and hold (data acquisition)
SSH Secure Shell
SSHD Secure Shell daemon
SSI small-scale integration
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSMM solid-state mass memory
SSOP shrink small-outline package (IC Package)
SSR scalable sampling rate
SSR solid-state relay
SST solid state technology (IC manufacturer)
SST simultaneous self-test (logic mode)
SST supersonic transport (aircraft)
SSTL stub-series-terminated logic
STB set-top box
STL Schottky transistor logic
STM scanning tunneling microscope
STM synchronous transfer mode
STM synchronous transport module
STN The Scientific and Technical Information Network (Internet)
STP shielded twisted pair
STRIFE stress and life (testing)
STS synchronous transport signal
STT set-top terminal
STTL Schottky transistor-transistor logic (TTL)
SUI speech user interface (multimedia)
SUS silicon unilateral switch
SVD simultaneous voice and data
SVGA super video graphics adapter (800X600 pixels)
SVHS super VHS (video format)
SVP surge voltage protector
SWL sound (power) level
SWR standing-wave ratio
SYSOP system operator (Internet


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