Electronic and Computer Acronyms




T-BGA tape ball grid array IC package
T/H track and hold
T/R transmit and receive
TAB tape automated bonding
TAC Technical Activity Committee
TACS Total Access Communication System British cellular
tan tangent trigonometry
TAP test access part
TAPI telephone application program interface
TAT transatlantic telephone cable
TAV transverse acoustic-wave voltage
TC temperature coefficient
TCAP transaction capabilities application part
TCC temperature coefficient of capacitance
TCE temperature coefficient of expansion
TCE Technical Computing Environment
TCE thermal coefficient of expansion
TCM thermal conduction module
TCM trellis-coded modulation
TCO total cost of ownership
TCP tape carrier package IC package
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Internet
TCR tape carrier ring
TCR temperature coefficient of resistance
TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillators
TDAC time-domain alias cancellation synonymous with MDCT
TDD time-division duplex
TDDS time-division duplex system communications
TDM time-division multiplexing communications
TDMA time-division multiple access communications
TDR time domain reflectometer
TE transverse electric
TEC thermal electrical cooler
TEGFET 2-D electron-gas field effect transistor
TEM transverse electromagnetic
TF transfer function math
TFF thin-film filter
TFI transport format indicator
TFP thin flat package IC package
TFT thin-film transistor
TFT-LCD thin-film transistor liquid crystal display
THB temperature humidity bias
THD total harmonic distortion signal noise
THHN Thermoplastic high heat-resistant coated nylon
3D three-dimensional coordinates
TIA time-interval analyzer
TIC tape-automated bond in cap
TIFF tagged image format file image format
TIGA Texas Instruments' Graphics Architecture
TiN titanium nitride chemical
TIR total indicated reading
TISSS Tester Independent Software Support System DOD program
TL1 Transaction Language 1
TLB translation-look-aside buffer
TLC thin-layer chromatography
TLIM transmission-line model
TLM transmission line matrix
TLM triple-layer metal
TM traffic management
TMC transfer mode converter/switch port termination
TMN Traffic Management Network
TMSL test and measurement systems language
Tn digital carrier, type n
TN twister nematic (LC display)
TO transistor outline package IC package
TOP thin outline package IC package
TPC Transaction Processing Council standard
TPC transmit power control
TPQFP test-pad quad flat pack IC package
TPU time processor unit
TQC total quality control
TQFP tape quad flat pack IC package
TQFP thin quad flat pack IC package
TQM total quality management
Tr transition time
TRAM transputer random access memory module
triac triac bidirectional rectifier (two SCRs used in antiparallel) electrical device
TRP Technology-Reinvestment Program
TSOP thin small outline package IC package
TSP temperature-sensitive parameter
TSSOP thin-scaled small-outline package IC package
TSSOP thin-shrink small-outline package IC package
TST time-space-time
TTC time-to-collection data acquisition
TTL transistor-transistor logic logic specification
TTY teletypewriter
TUV Technische Uberwachungs-Verein German test lab
TVI TV interface
TVRO television receive-only (DBS)
TVS transient-voltage suppressor
TwinVQ transform-domain-weighted interleaved vector quantization
2-D two-dimensional coordinates
TXCO temperature compensated oscillator
uA microampere current
UART universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter communications
UBR unspecified bit rate
UBS uninterruptible battery system battery backup
uC microcomputer computer
uC microcontroller
UDI Universal Digital Interface
UDP User Datagram Protocol Internet
UDPs user-defined primitives
UDWDM ultradense-wavelength-division multiplexing
UHF ultrahigh frequency radio frequency band
UHV ultrahigh vacuum
UIL User Interface Language Open Software Foundation
UJT unijunction transistor semiconductor device
UL Underwriters' Laboratory
ULSI ultra large-scale integration large # of digital circuits
um micron length
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
UNI User Network Interface standard
uP microprocessor CPU
UPnP Universal Plug and Play standard (
UPC universal product code ID
UPS uninterruptible power source battery backup
UPSR unifine pitch
US Upstream
USART transmitter communication
USAT ultrasmall aperture terminal
USB Universal Serial Bus protocol
UTC Universal Coordinated Time time
UTOPIA Universal Test and Operations Physical Interface for Asynchronous Transfer Mode communications
UTP unshielded twisted pair wire
UTQFP ultrathin quad flat pack IC package
UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
UTSOP ultrathin small-outline package IC package
UUT unit under test
UV ultraviolet light
UV-PROM ultraviolet-erasable PROM memory
UVLO undervoltage lockout thresholds
V-MOS v-groove MOS
V/F voltage to frequency conversion
VAFC VESA Advanced Feature Connection
VAR value-added reseller
VB visual Basic programing language
VBI vertical blanking interval TV
VBR variable bit rate networking (nrt - non-real time; rt - real time)
VBX Visual Basic extension programming
VC virtual channel
VCA voltage-controlled amplifier
VCD variable center distance
VCI virtual channel indicator/identifier network
VCIF VESA Display Information Format video
VCO voltage-controlled oscillator
VCPU video compression processor unit
VCR videocassette recorder video
VCSEL vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser laser
VCVA voltage-controlled variable attenuator
VCXO voltage-controlled crystal oscillator oscillator
VDE visual development environment programming
VDE video-decompression engine
VDSL very high-rate digital subscriber line (40 Mbit/s downstream) communications
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association Org
VF vacuum fluorescent display
VF voice frequency 300 to 3400 Hz
VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table Linux FAT drivers
VFC voltage-to-frequency converter converter
VFD vacuum fluorescent display
VFEA VMEbus Futurebus + Extended Architecture
VFO variable-frequency oscillator oscillator
VGA video-graphics adapter video
VGA video-graphics array video
VGA video graphic accelerator circuit
VHADSL very-high-bit-rate asymmetric digital subscriber line internet
VHDL very-high-density logic digital circuit
VHDL very-high-speed integrated-circuit hardware-description language description language
VHDSL very-high-bit rate digital subscriber line internet
VHF very high-frequency frequency range (30 kHz to 300 MHz)
VHSIC very high-speed IC
VIL vertical in-line
VISA virtual instrument software architecture
VISA VXI System Alliance standard
Vital VHDL Initiative Toward ASIC Libraries organization
VLAN virtual local-area network network
VL Bus VESA local bus computer bus
VLC/VLD variable length coding, variable length decoding
VLF very low frequency frequency below 30 kHz
VLIW very long instruction word computer architecture
VLS virtual library system
VLSI very-large-scale integration digital circuits
VMC VESA Media Channel bus
VME versa module eurocard
VME virtual machine environment
VMEbus versatile modular E-bus from former VERSAbus-E
VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol communications
VNA vector network analyzer equipment
VOD video-on-demand video
VoIP voice over Internet Protocol internet
VOST VESA Open Set Top group
VOX voice-operated threshold communications
VP virtual path computers
VP video processor video
VPAK vertical package IC package
VPCI virtual path connection identifier
VPD vapor phase dissolution
VPE vapor phase epitaxy
VPI virtual path indicator/identifier network
VPM vertical package module
VPN virtual private network
VPP VXI Plug-and-Play systems alliance
VPS vapor phase soldering
VQ vector quantization math
VQFP very-fine-pitch quad flat pack IC package
VR virtual reality
VRAM video random-access memory memory
VRD virtual retina display
VRM voice recognition module audio
VROOMM Virtual Runtime Object-Oriented Memory Manager
vs versus
VSAT very small aperature terminal satellite transceiver with 30–40 cm disk
VSB vestigial sideband
VSB VME Subsystem bus
VSELP vector-sum excited linear-predictive speech coding
VSIM virtual surface image memory
VSO very small-outline IC package
VSOP very small outline package IC package (Japanese MFP)
VSS VHDL system simulator software
VSWR voltage standing-wave ratio RF and microwave
VTCO voltage-temperature cutoff battery charging
VTVM vacuum tube Voltmeter equipment
VU volume unit meter
VXCO voltage-controlled crystal oscillator oscillator
VXI VME eXtensions for Instrumentation
VXIbus VMEbus eXtension for Instrumentation
WAIS wide-area information server Internet
WAN wide-area network networking
WAP Wireless Application Protocol networking
WB wire bonded connection
WDM wavelength-division multiplexing
WFQ weighted fair queuing
WLAN wireless local area network networking
WLL wireless local loop
WMA Windows Media Audio
WML Wireless Markup Language
WORM write once, read many (optical desk)
wPKI wireless public-key infrastructure)
WRAM window RAM
WRED weighted random early discard
WRR weighted round robin
WSI wafer scale integration
WTLS wireless transport-layer security
WUT wafer under test
WWW World Wide Web of the Internet
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
X-MOS high-speed metal-oxide semiconductor
XA extended architecture (CD-ROM)
XDR external data representation
xDSL Digital Subscriber Line
XGA extended graphics adapter
XIP execute-in-place
XIWT Cross-Industry Working Team (information transmission)
XML eXtensible Markup Language
XPG X/Open Portability Guide (standard group)
XRF x-ray fluorescence (spectroscopy)
XTP Express Transfer Protocol (communications)
YAG ytrrium-aluminum garnet
YIG yttrium iron garnet (microwave device material)
YTD year to date
YUV luminance/chrominanc
ZCS zero-current switching
ZIF zero insertion force
ZIP zigzag-in-line package
ZnO zinc oxide
ZVS zero-voltage switching


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