electronic and computer units of measurement acronyms




Basic Electrical unitsEdit

A ampere electric current
V Volt voltage
W Watt Power
Ohm Ohm resistance
F Farad Capacitance
H Henery inductance

Basic Computer Units=Edit

b bit one binary digit
B Byte Eight binary digits
bps bits per second data rate
Bps Bytes per second data rate
Hz Hertz frequency



A ampere electric current
A angstrom size
Ahr ampere-hour energy capacity
At ampere turn magnetomotive force
BTU British thermal unit heat
C Celsius temperature
cd candela light
cd/ft2 candelas per square foot light
cd/m2 candelas per square meter light
cfm cubic feet/minute volume flow
cg centi-gram mass
cgs centimeter-gram-second
cm centimeter distance
cm3 cubic centimeter (SI unit) volume
cpi characters per inch computer output per area
cps characters per second computer output speed
cps cycles per second speed
dB decibel gain
dBm dB power (acoustics)
dBm decibel referred to 1 milliwatt
dBV decibel volts
dBV decibel referred to 1 volt
dBW decibel referred to 1 watt
dpi dots per inch resolution
eV electron volt energy with reference to an electron (SI unit)
F Farad capacitance
f frequency cycles/second
F Fahrenheit temperature, non-SI unit
fc foot candle light
FLOPS floating-point operations per second CPU speed
ft foot/feet distance
ft-lb foot pound force
ft/minute feet per minute speed
ft/sec feet per second speed
ft3/sec cubic feet/second volume flow
g grams weight, SI unit
Gbit giga-bit data size
Gbyte giga-byte data size
GFLOPS giga floating-point operations per second CPU speed
GHz gigahertz (SI unit) frequency
GOPS giga-operations per second CPU speed
H henry inductance
hp horsepower power
Hz hertz frequency
in. inch distance
in^3 cubic inch volume
ips inch per second speed
J joule energy, SI unit


K Kelvin temperature
k kilo mass
K k[uom] kilohm resistance
kbit kilobit data size
kbps kilobits per second data rate
kbyte kilobyte data size
kg kilogram mass
kHz kilohertz frequency
km kilometer distance
km/hour kilometers per hour speed
kV kilovolt voltage potential
kVA kilovoltampere power
kW kilowatt power
kWhr kilowatthour energy
lm lumen light
lm/ft2 lumen per square foot light
lm/m2 lumen per square meter light
lm/W lumen per watt light out per watt in
lpi lines per inch resolution
lpm lines per minute speed
lps lines per second speed
m meter distance
Msamples/sec mega-samples per second sample rate
m/sec meter per second speed
M[uom] mega-ohm resistance
m^3 cubic meter volume
m^3/sec cubic meter per second volume flow
Mbit megabits data size
Mb megabits data size
Mbps megabits per second transfer rate
Mbyte megabytes data size
MB megabytes data size
MHz megahertz frequency
MIPS million instructions per second processor speed
MOPS million operations per second processor speed
MW megawatt power
nA nano amp current
nF nano farad capacitance
nV nano volt voltage
nW nano Watt power
nC nanocoulomb charge
Pa Pascal pressure
pA picoampere current
pC picocoulomb charge
pJ picojoule energy
pps pulses per second pulse frequency
psec picosecond time
psi pound(s) per square inch pressure
psia pound(s) per square inch absolute pressure
psig pound(s) per square inch gauge pressure
pV picovolt voltage
pW picowatt power
px pixel dot/square
q electron charge Charge: 1.6 × 10-19 coulombs
rad radian arc length, or angle
rpm revolutions per minute speed
rps revolutions per second speed
sps samples per second sample rate


Tbit terabit data size
Tbit/sec terabits per second data rate
tpi tracks per inch resolution
U uA microampere current
uF microfarad capacitance
ug microgram weight
uH microhenry inductance
um micro-meter (micron) distance
usec microsecond time
uV microvolt voltage
uW microwatt power
V volt voltage
V ac volts alternating current
V dc volts direct current
VA volt-ampere power
VAR volt-ampere, reactive AC power delivered
W watt power
Whr watthour energy
wpm words per minute text rate

SI prefixesEdit

SI prefixes
10n Prefix Symbol Decimal equivalent in SI writing style
1018 exa- E 1 000 000 000 000 000 000
1015 peta- P 1 000 000 000 000 000
1012 tera- T 1 000 000 000 000
109 giga- G 1 000 000 000
106 mega- M 1 000 000
103 kilo- k 1 000
102 hecto- h 100
101 deca- da 10
100 (none) (none) 1
10−1 deci- d 0,1
10−2 centi- c 0,01
10−3 milli- m 0,001
10−6 micro- µ (u) 0,000001
10−9 nano- n 0,000000001
10−12 pico- p 0,000000000001
10−15 femto- f 0,000000000000001
10−18 atto- a 0,000000000000000001
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