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Solar Energy Acronyms

Acronym Meaning Units
TSW Thermal Storage Wall
DHW Domestic Hot water
HWB Hot Water Boiler
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction
LDs Liquidated Damages
O&M Operations and Maintenance
S monthly solar insolation absorbed
GPD Gallons per day
SLR solar load ratio
NLC net building load coeficent
SSF solar savings factor
LCR load colector ratio
UA ?
COG center of glass
MAX matched asymtotic expansions
DIRECT DIstributed REsource Computing Tool
DG distributed generation
LON local longitude degrees
AST apparent solar time
LSM local standand time meridian
Ac System size m^2
fs fraction of heat load
CRF Cost Recovery Factor
BLC building loss coeficent
DD degree day
LOEP loss of energy probability %
PV photovoltaic NA
SPGR specific gravity
SOC state of charge
DOD depth of discharge
MPPT maximum power point tracker NA
mAH milli-Amp hour mAH
S.A.P.V. Stand allown photovoltaic NA
NOCT normal cell temperature C
FF fill factor
TRW companies PV cell electrical model NA
DHW domestic hot water NA
CFD cumulative frequency distribution
GCR ground cover ratio %
DOC depth of charge
EOT Equation of time NA
SHGF solar heat gain factor
IRR internal rate of return
P.O.P Payback period
Q volume air flow rate m^3/s
F heat loss per length W/m/C
hfg enthropy of vaporization kJ/kg
cp specific heat kJ/kg/K
q heat loss
HDD heating degree days C*days
DHC Diurnal Heat Capacity Btu/degree(F)/ft^2
EHC Effective Heat Capacity
SHGF Solar Heat Gain Factor
VT Visible transmmitance
SC shading coeficent

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