Before starting a Howto it is important to have the experience and knowledge to be able to thoroughly and accurately describe the process to complete the project. A new HowTo should follow this page's skeleton form. If you are updating or correcting a page, See:Howto modify an existing howto page

Remember the more detailed the instructions the more likely they can be followed by everyone. If you want simply to know how to write a new page right now, see Howto write a new Howto page on Wikihowto.

Requirements/Part List/Tool ListEdit

  1. Become a User: Although you can submit anonymously, we prefer giving credit where credit is due. plus it hides you IP
    See: Howto register and log in on a Wikihowto

Quick StepsEdit

  1. Check to make sure another Howto doesn't exist under another name.
  2. Start a page
    • Create a link to your Howto on an Object, your home page, or the Howto List
  3. Try to follow general Help:Page Styles/Howto
  4. Link your howto to all the applicable objects, and portals.
  5. Smile because you helped

Full StepsEdit

  1. Check to make sure another Howto doesn't exist under another name.
    • This can be done by using the search box on the left of the page
  2. Naming Conventions:
    • The title and name should be should be the same
    • Always start with 'Howto', capital 'H', one word, not 'How to'
    • Use spaces or underscores for white-space, they are the same in mediawiki.
    • all words besides the first should be lowercase, except when is a proper noun, acronym, of otherwise appropriates.
    • don't make the title too wordy, keep it precise.
    • Specify the specific subjects name or version when similar subjects could effects the Howto.
  3. It's a good idea to create a temporary page to write your howto, and post it to the main page when it is complete.
  4. When designing the howto, try to follow Help:Page Styles/Howto template:
    • Howtos are not required to follow the template, but it is recommended
    • The basic outline is as follows:
      1. Create s short description of the project, if beneficial add Wikipedia links to any specific terms in the form Definition: Fedora_Core
      2. Make a list the Requirements, Parts, or Tools .
        • After the list Add the box, as shown below, with this code {{Rating|time=1h|cost=~3$US|difficulty=easy-med|age=NA}}
          • put 'NA' is if does not apply
Cost Time Difficulty Age Group
~3$US 1h easy-med NA
      1. Create a step by step description of howto accomplish the task.
        • Be descriptive, add sub steps to make things clear.
        • Include photos, diagrams, and other multimedia when necessary.
        • If a step requires more than a simple explanation, title the step and create sup-steps, or sub-sub-steps.
        • Keeps all steps, and sub-steps short to increase readability and decrease confusion.
        • When a step is complex, if applicable, create a separate howto or link to an existing one.
          • Link technical terms, products, or other important words to objects on WikiHowTo or Wikipedia definitions.
      2. If there are common problems that reader may come across add a Common Problems Section. When problems are computer errors, copy the error message into the page. This will help people searching to find solutions to their error
      3. If is helpful to create a section for References or See Also to see where the information came from and help to guarantee accuracy. This could be a good place to put links to recommended supplementary information, and similar howtos.
      4. You can put a credits section on the bottom of the page for you name. If you copy information from a source with a license that requires you to give them credit, you can do so here

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