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If there's a new baby on the way, it's important to take the time to set up the baby's crib correctly. Once your baby comes home, he or she will need a safe, comfortable and most importantly properly assembled crib to sleep in.


Step One: Unpacking Your Crib

Unpack your crib carefully, making sure not to lose any of the pieces. Most cribs will come with everything you need to build it, including:

  • Two Side Pieces
  • Two End Boards
  • Wooden Slats (or Crib Bottom)
  • Screws (or other fasteners)
  • Crib Mattress
  • Option: wheels or other accessories

Be sure to unpack and build the crib in the baby's room. (It'll be easier than having to move it after it's built). Separate the crib parts into piles to make it easier to build.

Step Two: Building Your Crib

Be sure to read all of the crib manufacturer's instructions carefully before you start. Do not skip any steps! Based on those instructions and specific crib style, you should then begin assembling the crib.

  • First, attach one of the End Boards to the Side Piece (using screws or other provided hardware).
  • Next, Attach the second End Board.
  • Then, place the Wooden Slats (or Crib Bottom) and attach with hardware.
  • Attach the Front side of the crib.
  • Finally if there are wheels, install them last.

Step Three: Make Sure Crib is Safe

Before placing the mattress (or baby!) inside your newly constructed crib, you will want to do one final check of your work. Look at each of the hardware connections, tighten the screws and make sure they will not easily fall out. Once you are sure the crib is stable, put the sheet on the mattress and insert it into the crib (it should easily fit inside and does not require fastening). Once completed, be sure not to place the crib near window drapes or blind cords.


  • Make sure the crib mattress fits tightly in the crib.
  • It's easier to build a crib with a buddy!
  • Check your crib every week to make sure there aren't any sharp edges, loose hardware, broken slats or anything else that may pose a threat to your baby.