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A step by step how to for boiling an egg. Whether you prefer hard boiled or soft boiled, boiling eggs can take a little practice. Timing is important! Follow the below directions for boiling an egg and it'll come out perfectly every time.


Hard boiled eggs

Step One: Preparation

Place uncracked eggs in empty pot and fill it pot with cold water (enough to cover the eggs). Add salt if wanted. Add 2 or 3 lemon wedges. (This will help make the shell easier to peel off)

Step Two: Cooking the Eggs Bring water to rapid boil, reduce heat to simmer. For soft boiled, allow to cook for 5-7 minutes. For hard boiled, let cook for 11-13 minutes. Note: time may vary depending on the size of egg and on your own taste.

Step Three: Cooling the Eggs (optional) Carefully remove pan from stove, run cool water over eggs in sink. If you desire completely done hard boiled eggs, let cool for 3-8 minutes (as needed).

Step Four: Cracking the eggs Once cooled, peel now boiled eggs eggs by cracking shell on all sides and remove shell. Pat eggs dry and enjoy!


  • If you are in a hurry, you can place eggs in your fridge to cool.
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