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So Here's How To Draw Rick From Rick & Morty.

This Is An Example Image.

Step 1. Draw An Oval For The Head.

Step 2. Draw Eyeballs On The Head.

Step 3. Draw 2 Dots In Which Eyeball.

Step 4. Draw A Nose.

Step 5. Draw 2 Lines Like An Old Man Line Or Some.

Step 6 Draw A Mouth.

Step 7. Draw Drug Or Spit Green (optional).

Step 8. Draw Lab Coat & Blue Shirt (optional).

Step 9. Draw Arms.

Step 10. Draw Fingers.

Step 11. Draw Ears (optional).

Step 12. Draw Gray Blue Hair Light Blue.

Step 13. Draw Pants.

Step 14. Draw Shoes.

Step 15. Draw Gray Blue Eyebrows Light Blue.

Step 16. Draw Portal Green With Yellow Dots (optional).

& There You Go You've Got Rick Sanchez From Rick & Morty.