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So your school, church or neighborhood wants to build a new playground. Where do you start? What are some of the hidden challenges or pitfalls?

This wiki is specific to Injury Free Coalition for Kids Community Playground Builds; however, many of the lessons we've learned are applicable to any build happening on public property.

    Securing funding
       a. Grants
       b. Donations
       c. Other funding
    Identifying site for playground build
       a. Suitability of Site
       b. Liability issues
       c. Building codes and permits
    Identifying a builder
       a. What to look for
       b. Checking references
       c. Insurance coverage
    Designing your playground
       a. Costs
       b. Community Input
       c. Risk Management and Liability
    Construction Timelines
       a. Ordering equipment
       b. Site excavation and prep
       c. Steps involved in building a playground
            i. foundation
           ii. support poles
          iii.	equipment
           iv.	surfacing: tiles, wood chips

Challenges: Real stories, and how challenges were overcome

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