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The Internet is the world's biggest library, newspaper, notice board and network all rolled into one. So - as you might imagine - it's usually a great place to start looking for your next job. It's important to remember though, whether you are a novice at Internet job searching or whether you're used to searching online. The first step in any job hunting process is build a resume that accurately describes your talents and experience to your employer.

Resume Tips

Here's some resume tips to get you started ...

  • Write your resume to suit the job that you'll apply for: If you're applying for a job as a computer programmer, then unless you think it has some relevance to your present application, don't include your part-time job waiting tables at your local cafe during college.
  • Keyword load your resume:Many agencies and companies don't even get the chance to properly read resume applications anymore. Most use programs that will sort your resume based on the keywords that it contains. If you're a database administrator or you have experience with Excel spreadsheets ... then clearly state that on your resume.
  • Word documents only: Most recruitment agencies and companies will only accept resumes in Word format. That means no pdf, odt's, txt's or any format that you might care to think of.
  • Succinct Cover Letter: Write a succinct, apt cover letter that is addressed to the recruiter / HR person by name. This your first chance to impress whoever it is that is hiring. Don't include boring copy that isn't relevant.
  • SpellCheck NEVER send away your resume or cover letter without running it through a spell checker first. Spell checkers are built into almost all kinds of word processing programs these days so you have no excuse to get this wrong.

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