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Conky is a system monitor that displays on your screen's desktop. It's also very modular. It can display the output of any command line program. You can view RSS feeds by using a the Conky RSS functions, or a separate program or script.

Conky RSS function

  • Function: rss
    • Parameters: url delay_in_minutes action item_num
    • Description: Download and parse RSS feeds. Action may be one of the following: feed_title, item_title (with num par), item_desc (with num par) and item_titles.
    • Example:

RSS scripts

External RSS scripts can easily be run though Conky using the execi function

To add the script to Conky

  • Edit: ~/.conkyrc
  • Add the following line below the line labeled TEXT
    • ${execi 300 /the/scripts/location/scripts_name}
      300 is the refresh rate in seconds

Example of the Script using a TV listing RSS feed

For an orange motif as shown in the picture add the following lines.

${color orange}RSS feed ${hr 2}$color
${execi 300 /usr/scripts/}

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