How to avoid getting spam and junk email

Spam is a major problem in this world, occupying most email transactions and tormenting many Internet users.

Set up a secondary email account

This is the most important step. In many cases you are required to supply an email address to do thing on the Internet. Setting up a spare junk email account, is a good idea. This way you can use this email address when you need to confirm a registration, and not worry about additional crap later.

  • Sign up for a free email account
  • remember the account name and password as you may need to check it on occasion for email confirmations.
  • Use this email address for any site or service that you don't trust
    • Remember that most sites offering free services will probably send you spam or sell your address
  • When in doubt use your secondary account

Don't post your email publicly

  • If your email address is shown on any website, a spammer will get you address and spam you to death
    • Spammers have scripts, aka bots, that search the entire web for email addresses, and they do it well

Techniques for posting your address (bot-proof)

Bad Techniques

  • normal:
  • all text: name (at) address (dot) com
    • This is commonly used so spammers have or will figure it out

Good techniques

  • Web-Forms
    • make sure you email address is not in the html code for the form
    • have your email address hidden in the cgi, php, or perl script.
  • Email address in an image file
    Email example.png
    • Eventually spammers will figure this out so you may have to be creative
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