How To Wiki

Everyone wants to be popular, but not everyone knows how. Hopefully, with these steps you will be the most popular girl in your school. These steps will be short and to the point. Please continue reading down below.

  1. Be nice, no one will want to be your friend if you are mean. Many popular girls are mean because they watch lots of shows where the popular girls are mean, so they think they should act that way.
  2. Don't be inappropriate, or do anything kids your age shouldn't be doing. DON'T do drugs.
  3. Have good hygiene, no one wants to be friends with someone smelly.
  4. SMILE. Smiling will show that you are pleasant to have around, and it will also show that you have a positive vibe.
  5. Don't pressure anyone into doing something you know you or that person shouldn't be doing.
  6. Be humble. No one wants someone who is braggy always tagging along with them. It is annoying, rude, and obnoxious, you don't want that to ruin your reputation.
  7. Add a little flare to your fashion, but don't be inappropriate and where anything that is revealing. No booty shorts! Stay in your comfort zone for clothes.
  8. Wear a little make-up, but no too much, or else people will think you are fake!
  9. Listen to others. If you had a story to tell, wouldn't you want people to listen?
  10. Don't be mean on social media.
  11. Don't curse, you may think it's cool, but it's not. It just sounds trashy.
  12. Be the bigger person. ALWAYS!
  13. Hang out with friends a lot, you don't want to be known as a loner.
  14. Don't dumb yourself down just to hang out with cool kids. Always study, turn in your homework on time, and participate in class.
  15. Join clubs at your school. Figure out what you are good at wether it's debate, soccer, student government, cheerleading, etc, it is a great way to find friends.
  16. Lastly, BE YOU. You know who are and how to make decisions. I wish you the best of luck at school and popularity.