Book binding is a great way to add your personality and craftsmanship into a book or journal. It can be used to improve the presentation of your work or increase your connection with a personal journal.

This method teaches you how to make a book out of paper that has already been used on one side, however the technique could easily be adapted to use new paper. Binding your own book is not as hard as you think, follow these book binding steps and you'll be well on your way to creating your own special book.

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Materials & Tools Needed

Quick Steps

Full Steps

Step 1 - Getting the pages ready

Step 2 - Sewing the signatures (sewing pages into bundles)


Step 3 - Gluing the signatures along the spine (gluing bundles together)

Step 4 - Cutting the cover-cardboard and cover-fabric to size

Step 5 - Gluing the spine-protector to the cover-fabric

Step 6 - Attaching the cover-cardboard

Step 7 - Covering the book with fabric

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