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An LED indicator can be added to the basic Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) receiver circuit with a minor modification and a few extra components.


  • U1
    • Type 7805 +5V Regulator
  • U2
    • 38 kHz IR Receiver
  • U3
    • Digital inverter
    • 74LS04, 4049, or any other inverter
  • C1
    • 4.7µF capacitor
  • D1
    • Switching diode, such as 1N4148
  • R1
    • 4.7 kΩ resistor
  • R2
    • 100 Ω resistor
  • LED
    • Red LED


Lirc receiver schematic with led.svg


Follow the instructions on the LIRC Receiver Web page for building the receiver.

  • Then, add U3,R2 and LED to your circuit.
    • U3 is an inverter
      • Attach the Vdd or Vcc pin to the Output of the voltage regulator
      • Attach the Vss or Gnd pin to the Ground pin of the voltage regulator
      • Attach one of the inverter pins, A1, to the IR receiver's output
    • Resistor, R2
      • Attach the pin of output of that inverter to the resistor, R2
    • LED
      • Attach the resistor to the positive of the LED
      • Attach the negative of the LED to ground