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Configuring the zsh shell

One way is to create the file ~/.zshrc and put in it a comment.

You can put this, which will enable much more helpfully options:

  1. Lines configured by zsh-newuser-install

HISTFILE=~/.histfile HISTSIZE=10000 SAVEHIST=10000 setopt appendhistory autocd beep nomatch unsetopt extendedglob notif

  1. Use emacs-style editing on the command line (even if you have something else set as your EDITOR)

bindkey -e

  1. End of lines configured by zsh-newuser-install
  2. The following lines were added by compinstall

zstyle :compinstall filename '/home/andrei/.zshrc'

autoload -Uz compinit compinit

  1. End of lines added by compinstall

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