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Dee is a great character from the Tribe, with a her pink hair and English accent. Read on to learn how you can cosplay her for halloween or fancy dress parties.


1. Die your hair pink. Dee has bright pink hair. 2. Put your hair into two high 'messy buns'. First divide your hair into two sections, then tie your hair in two high bunches. Then tie it agian with a second hairtie but only pull half way through, leaving a loop, this is a 'messy bun'. Do the same to the other bunch. 3. Wear a black 'cat suit'. You can buy these at a costume shop. 4. Wear black or silver 'Go Go shoes'. You can find these at vintage shops. 5. Wear pink tribal make up. Have bright pink eye shadow. Then with black eye liner draw two lines one both sides of your face.


With make up you can buy hot pink stick on gems and make designs and patterns on your face.