How To Wiki

Here you will learn how to create a wiki on Wikia.


  1. Click this link to go to the create a wiki page:
  2. Fill out the empty input boxes with the appropriate content. For the name, make sure to make it something simple, yet unique.
  3. For the web address, make sure to make it something simple, not-too-long, and commonly used so that others can have an easier time to find your wiki.
  4. Now choose a category for your wiki. This is a small description of what the content of your wiki will be.
  5. Select the default language for this wiki.
  6. Click the create button, and follow the rest of the steps and in a few minutes your new wiki will be created.
  7. Get customizing!


  • Don't be scared if your wiki seems empty at first. It takes time for a community to be built. Call up your friends and ask them to help out. On Internet forums, you can add a link to your wiki in your signature. Or if you're on another wiki, link to it on your userpage! In short, advertise your wiki, but don't be annoying about it.
  • As time goes on and a community develops, you should assign users new rights, such as rollback rights and, eventually, administrator rights. It may seem scary at first, but remember that as a community grows, the more people it needs to maintain it.