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A piped link is a link where the text displayed on a wiki page is different from the title of the article to which the text links. For example, [[Train station|station]] displays as station, but links to the Train station wiki page. Piped links are useful for preserving the grammatical structure and flow of a sentence when the exact link title does not fit. However, in some cases; these links are made into redirects depending on the criteria for redirecting.

Do not use piped links to create "easter egg links", that require the reader to follow them before understanding what's going on. For example, do not write this:

[...] and by mid-century the puns and sexual humor were (with only a few [[Thomas Bowdler|exceptions]]) back in to stay.

The readers will not know Thomas Bowdler is being spoken of until they select the link — in a print version, there is no link to select, and the information is lost. Instead, reference the article explicitly:

[...] and by mid-century the puns and sexual humor were (with only a few exceptions, ''see'' [[Thomas Bowdler]]) back in to stay.

See m:Help:Piped link for full details on this feature.

To create the pipe "|" divider press (SHIFT + BACKSLASH) on English-layout and other keyboards.

Please note that links to "year-in-x" articles (such as wikipedia:2003 in film) should be labeled accordingly, and not with just the year. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers), Wikipedia:WikiProject Music standards, Wikipedia talk:Music standards archive 1 and Talk:Bad Religion for discussion and further details on this.


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