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'Creating A Wind generator'

Materials Needed:
Power Transmission wire
Magnetic wire
Bridge rectifiers
Metal (for frame)
Wood (for tail and coil winder)

Power Transmission Wire- $100.00
Bridge Rectifiers- $29.00
Magnetic Wire- $168.15
Other (Glue, Metal, Tools, etc.)- $100.00

Time Schedule:
Blades- Finish sanding and adjusting the weight. Not a priority. 2-3 days.
Frame- Fabricate and weld the tail. 2-3 days.
Generator- Make coil winder and wind the coils (36 coils at 50 winds each). Machine the plastic and metal disks. Figure out the wiring. Assemble. 3-5 days.
Tower- Weld the inserts. Raise and anchor. 2-3 days.

  • Day 1 (Fri 1/19)- Sanding the blades.
  • Day 2 (Sat 1/20)- Construct coil winder. Work on sanding and balancing the blades.
  • Day 3 (Mon 1/22)- Machine the plastic and metal disks. Finish sanding the blades.
  • Day 4 (Tue 1/23)- Wind coils. Finish adjusting the weight of the blades.
  • Day 5 (Wed 1/24)- Wind coils. Weld the tower.
  • Day 6 (Thu 1/25)- Wind coils. Continue tower welding.
  • Day 7 (Fri 1/26)- Assemble the generator. Figure out the wiring.
  • Day 8 (Sat 1/27)- Finish assembling the generator.
  • Day 9 (Mon 1/29)- Paint all generator parts, blades, and the tail.
  • Day 10 (Tue 1/30)- Raise and anchor the tower.
  • Day 11 (Wed 1/31)- Any finishing touches. Practice presentation.
  • Day 12 (Thu 2/1)- Present wind generator to the class.

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