How to defeat Barricade step-by-step.

Steps (to knock him)Edit


Caution with Barricade's arms.

1. Stay far from him.

2. Pick something and throw on it.

3. Hurry up and beat him.

The careEdit

Barricade use the arms to attack. Shoot him, when he trigger and deactived the shield, go to him.


Barricade's kicks may stop. When this happens, it goes up hurry, before his attack with the arms again. The specialty is the Barricade are kicks. Dodge his shots and speed (instead, you can also shoot him, if you prefer). Barricade is a very fast car (a Ford Mustang S281 Extreme police car), and while he performs his arms, throws things for you. Remember: never give up the fight Barricade for your back a smile when she arrived. After beating Barricade, you must get to the gate before it hits again Barricade. At the end of the level, you must play the bottled oxygen and pass it. Barricade will be killed when their energy is depleted. Hwen you finish the level, is clear: Chapter complete. Barricade also can play things in the hands with and draw attention both to him and Barricade botter who never gives what he does. Barricade is very dangerous for you. When he performs his arms, no (and never) approaches.

See the video below for more information:

Bumblebee vs

Bumblebee vs. Barricade

This is a video example.

How to defeat itEdit

When Barricade's health depletes, he dies, just like you, when you die. You must do this at least 5 times to defeat him. You can also lift it and throw it somewhere. You can also shoot him when he is in car mode.


  • Stay tuned because there are three chapters in which Barricade 'races a beat' with you. You need to reach the checkpoint before him.
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