Transformers The Game - Barricade versus BumbleBee

Transformers The Game - Barricade versus BumbleBee

Barricade VS Bumblebee.

efeat the Autobot Bumbleee is not so simple. Bumblebee exploding bombs that are on your back. You need to kill him at any cost. Starscream gave orders to kill it and you need this autobot face it and defeat it to get to another stage of the game (you need to do it 3 times, in each mission of the game).

Tips and TricksEdit

  • When the Autobot Bumblebee drop the bomb, turn on the shield and protect yourself.
  • You can run it in car mode, but beware of the bombs, which prevent you from fleeing.
  • Pick the cubes to recover lives.
  • When the life of Bumblebee end, he dies.
  • Bumbebee don't stop of drop bombs.
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