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Sound playing on web sites can be annoying, and often there is no option to disable the sound on the site. There are a number of ways to disable/block sound produced from websites. Embedded audio is easier to block than Flash audio. Solutions differ for different operating systems, and different web browsers.

Internet Explorer[]

Go to Internet Explorer options and uncheck the option "Play Sounds in webpages"

(but sounds from Flash objects will play anyway)


Flashblock (flash audio only)
  • This is the best solution for blocking undesired Flash audio. It replaces all flash objects with a play button. Only after the button is pressed will the Flash object start.
Adblock (flash audio only)
  • Another solution in to install Adblock, a firefox extention
    • This option will enable you to block a flash obect is it offends your ears. Each flash object will have to be blocked individually and will be block from then on.
Disabling Embedded Audio (embedded audio only)
  • This will disable embedded audio for all websites
  • Editing the userContent.css file locate in your users directory
    • Linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default/chrome/userContent.css
    • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\yourUserName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxx.default\chrome\userContent.css
  • Add the following
/* block embedded sounds */
object[data*=”.mid”],embed[src*=”.mid”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp2”],embed[src*=”.mp2”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp3”],embed[src*=”.mp3”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp4”],embed[src*=”.mp4”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.wav”],embed[src*=”.wav”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.wma”],embed[src*=”.wma”] { display: none !important; }


Linux or other type of Unix OS[]

Hack libflashplayer library
  • This disables audio for all flash objects, on all websites
    1. Shut down mozilla/firefox
    2. find “” in your plugins dir.
    3. Edit this with a HEX editor
    4. Look for the string “/dev/dsp” and change it to “/xxx/xxx” - now it can’t open the sound device.
    5. Save
    6. Restart Browser

Microsoft Windows[]

Flashmute (any audio)