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Sound playing on web sites can be annoying, and often there is no option to disable the sound on the site. There are a number of ways to disable/block sound produced from websites. Embedded audio is easier to block than Flash audio. Solutions differ for different operating systems, and different web browsers.

Internet Explorer

Go to Internet Explorer options and uncheck the option "Play Sounds in webpages"

(but sounds from Flash objects will play anyway)


Flashblock (flash audio only)
  • This is the best solution for blocking undesired Flash audio. It replaces all flash objects with a play button. Only after the button is pressed will the Flash object start.
Adblock (flash audio only)
  • Another solution in to install Adblock, a firefox extention
    • This option will enable you to block a flash obect is it offends your ears. Each flash object will have to be blocked individually and will be block from then on.
Disabling Embedded Audio (embedded audio only)
  • This will disable embedded audio for all websites
  • Editing the userContent.css file locate in your users directory
    • Linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default/chrome/userContent.css
    • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\yourUserName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxx.default\chrome\userContent.css
  • Add the following
/* block embedded sounds */
object[data*=”.mid”],embed[src*=”.mid”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp2”],embed[src*=”.mp2”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp3”],embed[src*=”.mp3”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.mp4”],embed[src*=”.mp4”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.wav”],embed[src*=”.wav”] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=”.wma”],embed[src*=”.wma”] { display: none !important; }


Linux or other type of Unix OS

Hack libflashplayer library
  • This disables audio for all flash objects, on all websites
    1. Shut down mozilla/firefox
    2. find “” in your plugins dir.
    3. Edit this with a HEX editor
    4. Look for the string “/dev/dsp” and change it to “/xxx/xxx” - now it can’t open the sound device.
    5. Save
    6. Restart Browser

Microsoft Windows

Flashmute (any audio)