How to download all image files in a Wikimedia Commons page or directory

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Wikimedia Commons is a great resource for free/open images, and sometimes you may want to download all the images in one of their directories or pages. Wiki Commons doen't offer a simple way to do this. This howto shows a method to do that.

This method uses some commands common to Unix based operating systems. If you are using Windows try installing Cygwin. This will allow you to use these commands inside Windows.


these are some standard Unix commands, and are likely installed if you are using Linux, or any other Unix like OS


In this example we will get all the images on this page: It will grab the original, full quality images, not the lower quality thumbnails shown on the page.

Get the webpages for each image file
  • Command:
wget -r -l 1 -e robots=off -w 1

The images we are interested in are linked in the* files, so we need to extract the image links from these HTML files.

Extract the Image links
  • Command:
WIKI_LINKS=`grep fullImageLink\:* | sed 's/^.*><a href="//'| sed 's/".*$//'`
  • Description: This creates a list of image links, in variable $WIKI_LINKS

Download the Images
  • Command:
wget -nc -w 1 -e robots=off -P downloaded_wiki_images $WIKI_LINKS
  • Description: This will download all the images into a folder called 'downloaded_wiki_images'

Delete all temp files
  • Command:
rm -rf
  • Description: deletes all the HTML pages used to get links

Note 1: If you are trying to get all the images in a category that has more than 200 images, you will have to run the commands on each category page. ie 0-200, 200-400, 400-600, etc
Note 2: This method works as of Jan 2010, but as time passes Wiki Commons' page formats may change, and this method may stop working. If so view the source of one of the image pages, find the images URL and see what has changed. The commands should be easy to modify to get it to work.


If you want to do all the steps described above in one command create this script.



if [ "$WIKI_URL" == '' ]; then
	echo "The first argument is the main webpage"
	exit 1

# Download Image pages
echo "Downloading Image Pages"
wget -r -l 1 -e robots=off -w 1 -nc $WIKI_URL

# Extract Image Links
echo "Extracting Image Links"
WIKI_LINKS=`grep fullImageLink\:* | sed 's/^.*a href="//'| sed 's/".*$//'`

echo "Downloading Images"
wget -nc -w 1 -e robots=off -P downloaded_wiki_images $WIKI_LINKS

echo "Cleaning up temp files"
rm -rf
echo "Done"


Alternative (works only for categories)

Getting the filenames via WikiSense and the API, works only for categories but should be faster: Just run it with the wished category as argument.

# Get all Images in Category (and 5 subcategories)
wget "${1}&basedeep=5&mode=iul&go=Scannen&format=csv" -O list
# Read the list file after file
while read line; do
 name=$(echo $line | tr ' ' "\t" | cut -f2) # Extract filename
 url=$(curl "${api}&format=txt" 2>/dev/null | grep "\[url\]" | tr -d \  |cut -d\> -f2) # Get the URL of the File via API
 echo $name
 echo $api
 echo $url
 wget $url # Download File
done < list
rm list # Clean up

2021 fandom attempt

While attempting to grab the images when moving off fandom to a custom wiki host, the above instructions were not working. Instead the following script is what was used to have it download the images. This has the annoyance of needing to manually copy in all the URLs of the wiki sitemap pages. (visit the special page /wiki/Local_Sitemap for the fandom wiki)

#Download all the pages via the enumeration of the sitemap
wget -r -l 1 -e robots=off -w 1

#then lets find all the images embedded in the pages
grep -r 'class="image"' > img_tags; wc -l img_tags

#and pull out the linked URLs to the original image
#grep -P -o '(?<=href=")https.*?(?="[> ])' img_tags > img_urls
#This will remove the extra bits off the URL so wget will save the real filename instead of being called latest?somerandomstring
grep -P -o '(?<=href=")https.*?(?=/revision)' img_tags > img_urls

#now download the actual images
wget -i img_urls -P images -w 1
echo "Finished - images are in the folder 'images'"
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