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HowTo's will eventually have to be updated. Before editing a HowTo double check that your update increases the accuracy or clarity.

Difficulty easy


  • Make sure that the information you enter is accurate, and not a technique that happened to work in you circumstance.
  • Do not remove any steps that are valid but failed in your circumstance. Explain in a sub step of the failed step your problem and the solution you found to this failure.
  • If the HowTo is accurate but for an antiquated topic. Recreate the old HowTo with a more accurate, descriptive title. Create a new HowTo with a descriptive title. Link the older HowTo from the new HowTo.
    • Example: move the old Howto install Windows to Howto install Windows 95. Make new page Howto install Windows XP, and edit Howto install Windows to link to both Howto install Windows 95 and Howto install Windows XP
  • If the existing Howto has a similar name, but unrelated subject, move the page to a more descriptive name, create the new page under a more descriptive name, and create a disambigious page linking both.
    • Example: Howto install Windows could be about Howto install Microsoft Windows or Howto install house windows

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