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Free and open source software (FOSS) projects are motivated by community, so it is important to have a web site host that can encourage this. Open source projects and Free software projects are not necessarily the same think so you need to find the appropriate host

It is recommended to study where your project will be hosted more deeply:

  • the biggest one, Open Source philosophy, but 3/4 of projects are considered Free Software under GNU license.
  • Its used to host the GNU project. Has a strictly Free Software-only philosophy.
  • use the term Open source officially to promote the site.
  • Has an Open Source-only philosophy, projects are under non-restrictive and non-copyleft licenses.
  • related to education software, use Open Source as motivation and to promote the site.
  • Alioth is a development network around Debian-related projects
  • sarovar - India
  • bitbucket - If you use mercurial.
  • codehaus - for JAVA programs
  • java-source - for JAVA programs

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