To make a web site useful and fitting it's goal, we absolutely have to know witch content the web surfers expect accessing this web site.

Based on search-tools top requests Edit

One solution is to list witch requests, linked to the purpose of the site, are made by internauts in search-tools (Google...); e.g. if we want to promote Wikihowto, we have to know what they are looking for including the words "howto" or "how to" or "Guide to".

When we know this, the priority is to develop the related content, or to advise contributors to develop this content when possible. Doing so, the site will get frequent access thru search-tools (e.g. providing answers to the top 100 basic Howtos and Guides, Wikihowto will naturally urge the surfers to create, or look for, many other specialized Howtos and Guides).

To get this information Edit

Here are sites that provide this information for free:

To analyse this information Edit

For example we get this result:

  • how to refinance 5186
  • how to download music to psp 2680
  • how to chat 1780
  • …/…
  • how to write a resume 2
  • how to write a review 1

Next steps :

  1. The lists of searches need to be filtered to remove the queries not in conformance with the policy of the site.
  2. The queries with highest frequency need to be reordered by sense. It's necessary to keep ALL the queries typed by the internauts and develop content using all these specific wordings (in fact develop a single content linked to several redirect links).

To promote the development of the expected content Edit

To build an index of expectations explaining how it was produced, send it to site contributors and put a link in the Welcome page.


Reference Edit

Translation of w:c:fr.howto:Faire_connaitre_un_site_internet (French)

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