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Tradução do português para inglêsEdit

inglêsportuguêsespanhol1. Learn to play or sing. His instrument can be a battery, a guitar, a guitar, a bass, in short, anything.

   2. Call at least two more people to his band. If you already have friends interested, great. Otherwise, stick posters in your school saying you are looking for musicians for a band or call in person (the first option works best for the more timid).
   3. Set the name of the band. Choose one that all members agree to avoid future problems.
   4. Start rehearsing cover songs. Try to train the classics like Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix to learn how to train the band together.
   5. Write songs. Write the lyrics and melody and try to fit them. Write the figures for all instruments.
   6. Rehearse your own music.
   7. Talk to owners of bars and similar places to let your band play there may be up for free at first, only for the people of the region will begin to appreciate his music.
   8. Record a demo CD, nowadays you can do this with any computer and a microphone that costs $ 10.00.
   9. Send your demo CD to some record label. Do not be discouraged if the first does not accept any of the one hour record companies want to release your talent. If no record company to accept, try to improve the music.
  10. Your CD published, it is with you!
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