a PERL module can be installed directly using the following command

Single CommandEdit

  • perl -MCPAN -e install HTML::Template

Via CPAN Shell(recommended)Edit

You can enter the Perl shell to install the modules you want.

  • perl -MCPAN -e shell
  • to install the module type
    • install module name
    • Example: install HTML::Template
      installing the module making the shell much more user friendly.
  • make the shell significantly more user friendly type
    • install Bundle::CPAN
    • highly recommended

Windows Activestate PERLEdit

  • enter the bin folder containing Perl
  • execute: ppm
  • to install modules type
    • install HTML::Template

Install without root accessEdit

  • create directories in you home
    • cgi-bin
    • cgi-bin/lib
    • cgi-bin/lib/firstPartOfModuleName
  • Copy the (*.pm) module in the moduleName directory
  • add to your Perl scripts
    • use lib(/full/path/to/cgi-bin/lib);
    • use moduleName
  • Example
    • Add file:
      • /home/mouse/cgi-bin/lib/HTML/
    • Add to script
      • use lib(/home/mouse/cgi-bin/lib/);
      • use HTML::Template;

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