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Object: Cangjie method

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1. Download software to assist you, or you can make paper cards (flashcards).
2. Make a collection from 26 following cards:

Question => Answer
日 => a
月 => b
金 => c
木 => d
水 => e
火 => f
土 => g
竹 => h
戈 => i
十 => j
大 => k
中 => l
一 => m
弓 => n
人 => o
心 => p
口 => r
尸 => s
廿 => t
山 => u
女 => v
田 => w
難 => x
卜 => y

3. Repeat cards, each time trying to identify the corresponding key until you learn them by your finger positions.
4. Make the new collection from 128 cards from the images of occurrences in characters:

Question => Answer
Cangjie A1 => 日
Cangjie A2 => 日
Cangjie A3 => 日


Cangjie Y5 => 卜

Note: You can make the cards from the following images:*

Alternatively, you can download the some prepared image files here:

5. Learn them in a similar fashion by trying to remember the key after seeing the occurrences in characters shown.
6. Type characters you know by consequtively entering the parts of the character (for simple connected characters, i.e., 車=十田十), or entering the first and last mnemonic of the largest disconnected parts of the character (for more complex characters, i.e., 軟=十十,弓人), or by trying to enter first and last mnemonics of first disconnected part, then entering first two mnemonics from the second part, and the very last menmonic of the character (for complex characters with more disconnected big parts, for example, 輘 (十十,土金,水), 鸛(廿土,竹日,火).)
7. If a character is obscure, look up by darwing it here, then copy-pasting it to the searchbox to get the Cangjie input code.

Don't learn how to enter any character for a while. Take your time to analyze how to enter the characers that you already know, so you can enjoy acquiring the rules gradually.

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