Sometimes it is necessary or useful to monitor network traffic on your computer. You can monitor all the connections going in and out of your computer.

Console basedEdit

These programs run in terminal such as xterm

Logging typeEdit

Using netstat you can monitor every connection going in and out of your computer. This monitors all major protocols including tcp and udp, and every port. netstat is a standard Unix program, so it is likely installed.

netstat also displays unix connections are fairly useless. To display only tcp and udp connection.

  • Execute: netstat -t -u
  • For displaying continuously
    • Execute: netstat -t -u -c
  • Output
tcp        0      0          71-95-19-141.stat:16359 ESTABLISHED 
tcp        0  19109 ESTABLISHED 
tcp        0      0          catv54039CF5.pool:16628 ESTABLISHED 
tcp        0      0          host86-140-193-28.:6881 ESTABLISHED 
tcp        0      0          61-224-49-29.dyna:48227 ESTABLISHED 
tcp        0      0     ESTABLISHED 

For more details see: man netstat and Introduction to Netstat Tutorial

Visual representationsEdit

Top likeEdit

These programs that operates like top (Unix)


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