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With Wikihowto you can teach others how to do something that you know how to do. Use it for teaching your friends how to accomplish a task on the net, or in the real world.

ATTENTION: it is a place to teach instructional (step by step) knowledge that is expected to be effective for everyone at least for 10 years. It's not an auditory to teach your beliefs. It's a place to teach your well-tested experience of how to create or do something.

Teaching is easy.. Edit

It is easy when you have experience in doing it. Let's say you have experience baking a special type of cake. You want to write about it, so that your friend could also bake it. What you do is, come to, try to search for "cake" (if you don't find it, create it), add there a link with the title of your method and start writing it. After you write it, give the link to your friends.


STEP1 Create a page named "cake". In order to do this, write address like that:

STEP2 Edit the page, and add the link to your howto like this:

Related howtos:
*[[How to bake MY_CAKE cake]]



Related howtos:

...and save it.
STEP3 Finally, press the link of that page, and enter all the instructions in detail, and give the link to your friends.

The link that you would give to your friend would be like:

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