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How to tweak the Firefox web browser?

complete steps to follow

  • First install the browser
  • Then follow the change theme guide
  • Then follow the install firefox extensions
  • Follow tweak speed to increase speed
  • Follow the block ads guide to block ads
  • Install URN extension - if you use PURL and URNs

change theme

  • go here and follow the instructions

customize the look

install extensions

NOTE: it is possible that firefox block you when you try to install extensions. You should click on the message and allow to install software from that web site by pressing the Add button.

tweak speed

  • first install chromEdit (optional but recommended).
  • then edit file user.js with chromEdit or manually and add some of the lines you find here and here, depending on your computer type.

block ads - fast and recommended

  • install the adblock extension
  • install the Adblock Filterset.G Updater extension
  • download the new filters inside firefox using Filterset.G extension, then restart firefox.

block ads - google ads

  • install the adblock extension
  • in ADBlock, in the New Filter: input box, paste this (without space): http: //**
  • ensure that in the Adblock preferences window, it is set to Remove ads, not Hide ads.
  • restart firefox

block ads - css method

Please chose one of the following external guides:

support URN (for PURL servers)