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Grip is a gtk based cd-ripping program for linux and other unix base Operating systems

Track naming format

Here is a list of the '%' switches used in command-lines.


  • %A-%d-%t-%n.wav
    • Artist-cdName-trackNumber-songName.wav
    • ani_difranco-reprieve-04-nicotine.wav


  • b — The bitrate that files are being encoded at.
  • c — The CDrom device being used.
  • C — The generic scsi device being used (note that this will be substituted with the CDrom device if no generic scsi device has been specified).
  • w — The filename of the wave file being ripped.
  • m — The filename of the file being encoded.
  • t — The track number,beginning at 1, and zero-filled (i.e.: '03' for the third track).
  • s — The start sector of the track.
  • e — The end sector of the track.
  • n — The name of the track.
  • a — The artist name for the track.
  • A — The artist name for the disc.
  • d — The name of the disc.
  • i — The disc database id (in hex) for the disc.
  • y — The year of the disc.
  • g — The ID3 genre id of the disc.
  • G — The ID3 genre string of the disc.
  • r — The recommended replay gain for the track (in dB). Note that this is only applicable if you have enabled gain calculation. You can find more information on this gain adjustment at
  • R — The recommended replay gain for the entire album (in dB). This value is only valide after an entire disc has been ripped (it is designed to be used with the disc filter command).
  • x — The encoded file extension (i.e. "mp3")

Any of the '%' switches can optionally be preceded by a '*' or '!' modifier (for example, '%*a'). '*' prevents Grip from doing any stripping of characters from the string. '!' forces Grip to strip characters from the string. If neither modifier is used, Grip will do what it thinks is best (generally, it will only munge strings if it knows they are part of a filename).


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