Bzip2 is a compression format that has better compression than both zip, and gzip. the bzip package consists of the following programs. and is likely already installed on your computer if you have linux, bsd, or any other type of unix based OS.

Bzip2 ProgramsEdit

  • bzip2 [ -cdfkqstvzVL123456789 ] [ filenames ... ]
  • bunzip2 [ -fkvsVL ] [ filenames ... ]
  • bzcat [ -s ] [ filenames ... ]
  • bzip2recover filename


  • Execute: bunzip2 or bzip2 -d
    Example: bzip2 -d fileName.bz2
  • the following file types will uncompress to the file names shown below:
    • filename.bz2 becomes filename
    • becomes filename
    • filename.tbz2 becomes filename.tar
    • filename.tbz becomes filename.tar
    • anyothername becomes anyothername.out


  • Execute
    bzip2 -z fileName


  • See man bzip2


  • man bzip2(1)

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