This is a recommended style for a Howto page on Wikihowto

You may wish to edit an existing Howto page to add another method of doing the task. The following template shows the standard format for including multiple methods on the one Howto page.

Use this code as a guide for the layout of Howto pages that include multiple methods of doing a task

=Method I=

==Method I: Materials & tools needed==

==Method I: Quick steps==

==Method I: Full steps==

=Method II=

==Method II: Materials & tools needed==

==Method II: Quick steps==

==Method II: Full steps==

=See also=

* [[]]

* [[]]

=External links=

The above code will produce the following page

Method IEdit

Method I: Materials & tools neededEdit

Method I: Quick stepsEdit

Method I: Full stepsEdit

Method IIEdit

Method II: Materials & tools neededEdit

Method II: Quick stepsEdit

Method II: Full stepsEdit

See alsoEdit

External linksEdit

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