These web browser extensions can be installed in and work with any Chromium-based web browser (like Google Chrome, Opera, etc.).

There are more than what I listed below:

search the "Chrome store" for extensions by 'print' keyboard/query

--> related: For similar (equivalent) web-browser extensions for Mozilla / Gecko -based web browsers (namely Firefox): Enhance Firefox Printing

HP Smart Print Edit

HP smart print

in Chrome store

download installer .msi file for IE (11?)

still image demo

Print-Friendly and PDF Edit

"Print Friendly & PDF"

in "Chrome Store" (official chrome web browser extensions gallery (repository) ).

example download .pdf file from a web page

Print or PDF with CleanPrint Edit

details in the "Chrome store"

Version: 4.8.1 Updated: January 3, 2014


help documentation

help video on yt "CleanPrint/CleanSave Tutorial (update)" Published on Jul 26, 2012

CleanPrint/CleanSave Tutorial Aug 16, 2012

Format Dynamics yt channel page

3rd party review by Brett Sparrgrove aug 25, 2012.
and [1] by Rae Fearing

and ,

from same developer:

CleanPrint Edit

Print What You Like Edit

another Chrome browser extension:

details in "Chrome store"

print plus Edit

"Updated: September 14, 2012"

"Print" Edit



Version: Updated: December 7, 2012

also see Edit

Enhance Firefox Printing -- web-browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox (and other Gecko-based web browsers such as SeaMonkey) related to Print functionality.

Capture internet Video -- which includes links to several Mozilla (Firefox) add-ons for downloading video files that play through Shockwave-Flash animations.

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