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(Today in the loud house, Lincoln loud wakes up and he gets out of bed. He opens his bedroom door and walks through the hallway. Lincoln arrives at the kitchen and his father, Lynn Sr was here.)

Lynn Sr: Good morning son.

Lincoln:(Yawning) morning dad.

Lynn Sr: Look what i brought for you...

(Lynn Sr goes into a brown paper bag and pulls out a box that says "Eggo Jungle Pancakes")

Lincoln:(Eyes widen) WOW! Jungle Pancakes?! Where'd you get them?

Lynn Sr: They were on sale for $1.00 a box! Enjoy your breakfast!(Walks out the door)

(Lincoln smiles and takes out three pancakes and puts them on a plate, then he puts his plate in the microwave and sets it for 1 minute and 30 seconds.)

(Meanwhile, inside one of Lincoln's sisters' bedroom, Lori loud wakes up with a big yawn while her other sister, Leni loud is still sleeping.)

(Back in the kitchen, The microwave dings and Lincoln's pancakes were done. Lincoln opens the microwave door and he grabs his pancakes then he closes the door. Lincoln sits at the table and as he poured maple syrup on his pancakes, the brownish-tan scent flew through the hallway.)

(Lori was texting on her phone. Just then, she smells something delicious and she puts her phone down.)

Lori:(Eyes widen) What literally smells so delicious?

(Lori walks to the kitchen while still smelling the scent, she spots Lincoln eating his pancakes. then she stands behind the kitchen entrance where the living room is)

Lori:(Quietly) I literally must get my hands on Lincoln's jungle pancakes! But how should i get them without Lincoln seeing me?

(Lori gets an idea)

Lori(In her mind while smiling like the grinch) I'll use one of Lisa's inventions and grab them with Lincoln not knowing!

(Lori sneaks into Lisa and Lily's room, and she grabs Lisa's Extend-O Grab and giggles quietly and runs back to the kitchen)

(Back in the kitchen, Lincoln is still enjoying his pancakes, Lori sneaks behind him with the Extend-O grab and smiles evilly)

Lori:(In her mind) Those pancakes are mine, Twerp!

(Lori presses a button and the hand starts to move closer to Lincoln's pancakes. Suddenly it grabs something)

Lori: I got them!

(But when the hand comes back to Lori... SHE GRABBED A LION!!!)

Lori:(Terror-struck) AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! A LION!!!!!

(The Lion growls angrily at Lori and he pounces on her starting to attack her. Lincoln had finished his pancakes and as he walked to the sink, he didn't notice Lori being mauled by a lion)

Lana Loud:(Offscreen) Leo! Come here!

(Leo stops attacking Lori and he runs upstairs)

(Lori was alive, but she had lots of scratches, a black eye, and three missing teeth. She painfully gets up and grumbles as she grabs the box and pulls out three jungle pancakes and puts them in her plate. Then she walks up to the microwave where Lincoln is)

Lincoln:(Spots Lori) Oh! Good morning Lori! Geez, What happened to you?

Lori: Don't ask...

(Lincoln shrugs and walks out of the kitchen)

(A ding was heard and Lori takes out her pancakes. She sits at the table. Then she pours maple syrup on her pancakes and starts to eat them.)

Lori: I guess i learned something today.

(Suddenly, Leo is growling behind Lori)

Lori: Uh Oh...

                                                                                                                           The end
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