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What is Wikihowto?[]

Wikihowto is free, open-edit, community, where anyone can come to learn how-to do anything. Maybe you're needing to learn the steps to repair your an issue with your computer, or want to learn how to knit; or perhaps, you'd like to teach others how to do a project, or the "ins-and-outs" of a subject you are knowledgeable in. Wikihowto is a website for everyone, with any skill, to share their knowledge with others. With the support of the MediaWiki program, which hosts this site and it's contents, every user or visitor has the capability to add new how-tos, improve upon articles, or make corrections to any mistakes that may be found in instructions. The site offers quick how-tos for any difficulty level, from basic skills to in-depth guides for complex tasks. Each article is labeled with the difficulty level of the task or project, enabling learners to judge whether or not they are ready to delve into it. if you have any questions, ask them at:

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If you want to learn more about Wikihowto, and how to use it, or you want to help out and add to it. See:

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